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Depression in College Students: Literature Review

Depression is a growing health problem for college students. Screening, treatment, and education may improve the negative short-term effects of depression on students’ college experience and the long-term chronic effects that affect their life. Description of the Problem Depression is one of the primary causes of death in the United States, which makes it one…

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Phonemic Awareness and Dyslexia

The development of speech in children is an important stage of human development as it indicates mental growth and awareness. Phonological awareness is an essential perspective in the learning process of a child. Difficulties with the early learning of the phonemes predict a problem with the learning process and development. Phonological awareness has the element…

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Stress and Depression

Stress is arguably the most common mental disorder with a significant impact on an individual’s well-being. Its extreme levels contribute to depression leading to loneliness and anxiety. L’s case resonates with complete withdrawal from the social cycle, which drives her into high levels of stress. The failure to reconcile with her inner self implies ensuing…

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Postnatal Depression across Countries and Cultures: A Qualitative Study by Oates

This paper critically appraises a qualitative study by Oates et al. (2004) titled Postnatal Depression across Countries and Cultures: A Qualitative Study. This research evaluates its introduction and literature review, purpose statement, methods, results, and discussion. The appraisal reveals that the researchers affirmed the significance of their study and identified a gap in the literature…

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Group Therapy versus Individual Therapy

Ethics is a cross-cutting issue that touches human life in all viewpoints. In counseling, specialists are required to observe stipulated codes of morals while offering remedial administrations to their clients. It is remarkable that there are two methods of counselling techniques: individual therapy treatment and group therapy treatment. In individual treatment, an advisor serves a…

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Giving Voice to Values

Tale of Two Stories Part I. A conflict situation occurred several years ago in a summer job on a position of a waiter at one of the local cafes. The administrator kept assigning inappropriate tasks for waiters, such as cleaning the toilet or cleaning the hall after the cafe closed. I decided to speak up…

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