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Postnatal Depression across Countries and Cultures: A Qualitative Study by Oates

This paper critically appraises a qualitative study by Oates et al. (2004) titled Postnatal Depression across Countries and Cultures: A Qualitative Study. This research evaluates its introduction and literature review, purpose statement, methods, results, and discussion. The appraisal reveals that the researchers affirmed the significance of their study and identified a gap in the literature…

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Group Therapy versus Individual Therapy

Ethics is a cross-cutting issue that touches human life in all viewpoints. In counseling, specialists are required to observe stipulated codes of morals while offering remedial administrations to their clients. It is remarkable that there are two methods of counselling techniques: individual therapy treatment and group therapy treatment. In individual treatment, an advisor serves a…

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Giving Voice to Values

Tale of Two Stories Part I. A conflict situation occurred several years ago in a summer job on a position of a waiter at one of the local cafes. The administrator kept assigning inappropriate tasks for waiters, such as cleaning the toilet or cleaning the hall after the cafe closed. I decided to speak up…

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Strain Theory & Catch Me if You Can

Abstract The current research paper provides a general description of classical and genera strain theories. According to these theories, the major roots of crime lay in the personal desire to obtain monetary success, a discrepancy between abilities and wants. This gap causes several types of strain: anticipated or actual failure to reach positively valued goals;…

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History of Mediation

Introduction Mediation as a way of conflict resolution has existed for a long time and has been used across all cultures. It is a method of helping members of society to resolve disputes (“History of Mediation,” 2014). Though various types of tactics and experts of mediation have been named differently, the aim of this form…

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Current Events and Psychology: Intelligent Quotient in Investment Decisions

Abstract In this assignment, the facets of the Intelligent Quotient are determined and evaluated in relation to a current related event. In the initial section, the assignment provides a clear definition of the term under study as well as other related aspects of IQ. Moving forward, the research paper provides descriptions of the related current…

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