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If you have been assigned to prepare a PDF poster but you haven`t got the slightest idea of how to do it properly, do not hesitate to buy PDF poster from our company. We provide a credible and trustworthy service that has proved to be reputable among clients from different corners of the world. We have helped many customers with creating posters with great design and high-quality writing. If you wonder what PDF posters are for, they are normally used for advertising or presenting a specific product or service to a wide audience. Besides, they can be used as a means of informing others on some event, opinion, place, etc. When you need to provide a PDF poster, it is essential to be clear and logical since the message you convey should be well comprehensible. Moreover, you can opt for a handwritten or digital format – any is possible unless you adhere to the main rules. Once you have selected the overall design, you can then choose the font type, size, color, background, visual aid, and so on. Remember that you can always buy PDF poster from if you need extra help.

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Check out the following recommendations from professionals if you want to make your poster a high-quality one:

  • choose a specific software for editing images in order to make consistent changes and also be able to convert it from an image to PDF format;
  • search for the software that is easy for you to manage and that you like overall – you can find the whole list of softwares online;
  • choose the best option for getting your PDF poster if you have decided to buy PDF poster online: you can have it delivered online after ordering or you can work on it in Photoshop or another software;
  • in case you have chosen to buy PDF poster, make sure the company you buy it from provides top-quality services. You always need to check whether the company is reputable and trustworthy. So, make sure you look through testimonials on the website.

What Is a Poster?

It is a tool used for visual connectivity.

An effectively designed poster will help you to:

  • attract the attention of the audience;
  • engage them into conversation;
  • communicate your message/ idea to a wide range of people.

What an effective poster looks like:

  • it conveys a clear message;
  • it is visual (contains pictures, graphs, and other visual aid);
  • it can be easily read from a distance (from one or two meters away).

Get to know your target audience:

  • only experienced specialists from narrow professional fields;
  • general audience;
  • specialists from a variety of fields and areas.

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How to make an effective presentation of your PDF poster:

  • identify a purpose, i.e. to communicate your ideas;
  • choose a program to work in;
  • select an appropriate size for your poster (16 x 20 or 24 x 36).

Work on the layout:

  • come up with headings and subheadings to identify the main sections;
  • balance the amount of text and graphics;
  • stop fighting «reader gravity»;
  • prefer column format to plain text format.

How to perfect your layout:

  • prefer to use visual grammar if you need to guide readers throughout the most important poster sections;
  • prefer column format to make it easier for the audience to read from distance and if they are standing in the crowd;
  • add organization cues to help the audience guide through the poster;
  • appeal to «reader gravity,» i.e. helping them pull the eye from left to right and from top to bottom;
  • use white space to make the text readable;
  • provide logical headings in appropriate places to outline the key information;
  • balance text and visual aids to make the text appealing.

Work on the text:

  • write in bullet points and short sentences;
  • prefer phrases;
  • write in the active voice;
  • prefer serif font;
  • using san-serif fonts is good only for headings as well as the title.

Work on graphs:

  • use graphs to pinpoint the relations between different objects/ parts;
  • make the graphs as simple as possible;
  • do not use 3D graphs unless you are presenting 3D data.

Remember that all visuals should be introduced in the poster for some purpose and they should organically meet the general message you intend to communicate across. In case you encounter difficulties with any of these aspects, please buy PDF poster from us.


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How to Provide an Effective Abstract?

What abstract can be called effective? An effective abstract hooks readers’ attention and hones your message. In other words, it is a general description of your work that focuses on the underlying aspects and pinpoints why the work is significant. When writing an abstract, you need to mention the aims and objectives, methods, outcomes, conclusions you have derived, and recommendations for the future.
An abstract should not be written on the very poster. It should be presented as a separate document in case you are presenting your poster at some conference or meeting. When you buy PDF poster online from, you can also purchase an abstract.

What to maintain focus on when working on a poster:

  • focus on the core message;
  • brainstorm the underlying details that make it possible for one to understand the message;
  • delete irrelevant ideas;
  • edit the text;
  • make it simple.


  • headings and subheadings are used for summarizing a specific part of the text;
  • a reader in a hurry should get the main message by reading the headings alone;
  • headings should be properly organized in order for readers to move quickly through the poster;
  • headings should be prioritized with the help of font size: the more important the idea, the largest the font;
  • you may use a bold font to focus attention on strong points.


  • use photos, graphs illustrations;
  • make sure they are used for some purpose;
  • they should be simple and clear at the same time – to be able to convey the idea;
  • if the figures are to be explained, please write the explanations specifically on figures;
  • prefer 2D graphs: pie charts, bar charts, etc.;
  • use 3D graphs only when you are presenting 3D data;
  • use photos if relevant;
  • make the figures and all other elements visible.

If you want to work on a poster on your own, make sure you have ample time for preparation, design, writing process, and also printout. You should also find an appropriate website or app for poster design: Canva, Benngage, Adobe Spark Post, etc. Otherwise, be sure that you can buy PDF poster from Whether you prefer to buy PDF poster online or make it on your own, pay attention to the dimensions.

What Software to Use:

  • MS PowerPoint is the easiest option for making posters;
  • MS Excel can be used for working on graphics and then exporting them to MS PowerPoint;
  • Adobe Photoshop is great for images yet expensive;
  • Adobe Illustrator will provide you with more significant features;
  • Open Office is a free alternative to Microsoft apps.

Tips on making your poster a high-quality one:

  • include only the most relevant information on the poster;
  • make it easy to navigate and readable;
  • make sure the content of the poster corresponds to the title;
  • if you use a poster for advertising, include information on location, date, and time;
  • leave contact information if needed (also for advertising purposes);
  • the font should match the message (formal fonts for serious messages);
  • use bright colors for presenting information you would like to convey.
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