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Things go Better with Us! – Terms and Conditions of Use

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. Every client can submit a refund request within 14 days after the deadline has expired. Refunds regarding plagiarism have no time limit. Nonetheless, a client should send us a valid plagiarism report proving that a writer has copied the work.
    *Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck are trustworthy plagiarism detection websites. Such items as direct quotations formatted in the right manner, reference list, table of contents, etc. cannot be regarded as plagiarism. is not considered reliable. It treats references and quotes as plagiarism. Handwritten comments on plagiarism are not regarded as a credible proof of plagiarism.
  2. The agency takes no responsibility for plagiarized parts of paper written by a client. Sections prepared only by our specialists are tested for uniqueness.
  3. If a client is dissatisfied with the delivered paper, our Refund experts will explore the issue and make a complete report on it. In case customer’s claims are proved, they will get a full/partial refund. Within 3-4 business days, a customer will be notified about the examination results.


  1. Clients can get a free revision within 2 days (48 hours) after the order completion. After this period of time, they should place a compensation order. In case a specialist agrees to make a revision for free, no further refunds can be given.
  2. Lengthy papers (20+ pages) can be revised for free within 30 days after the deadline has expired.
  3. If the original guidelines have been changed by the customer, no free revision is possible. Clients should place an additional compensation order if essential material for the work is provided after it has been written (or during the writing procedure).
  4. If a client desires to get a free revision, they should impose a new deadline and justify the revision request. The whole process may take 24 hours. The instructions can be complex and it is sometimes impossible to reassign the order. Nonetheless, the firm will do its best to hand the revised essay in within the deadline.
  5. Users should check their online profiles and emails for notifications from our agents/writers. Some customers do not provide necessary information about the order straight away. However, it is solely clients’ responsibility to attach important files when placing an order or at writer’s request.
  6. An “Extended Revision” option gives the opportunity to make a revision request which complies with the original instructions within 14 days. A client can choose this option when he/she places the order on the website and pays additional 30 % of the order price. A customer cannot ask the writer to make the changes which differ from the initial instructions. He cannot get the reimbursement in case the revision is not needed as well.

A Full Refund

  1. Clients can get a full refund if they have placed the same order or have been charged twice by mistake. It is necessary to get in touch with our agents and ask to cancel the order.
  2. If an order is not assigned to anyone, a client will get a full refund.
  3. When getting a 100% refund, the customer cannot use any papers provided by the company anymore.

A Partial Refund

  1. If customers have indicated a wrong number of pages when placing an order, they may ask for a partial refund. A part of the price will be refunded according to the word count rules.
  2. If the wrong writing level is chosen, (e.g. Masters instead of High school), the refund rate can be lowered.
  3. In case of contradicting instructions/comments which do not correspond to customer’s messages or order description, the refund rate will be recalculated.
  4. Order cancellation with the assigned expert:
Refund percentage Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

*It is impossible to cancel an order when the writer is assigned and 30% of the imposed deadline is left. An order cannot be cancelled if it has already been uploaded into the system.

All tips are non-refundable

  1. The payment for custom writing / editing / proofreading / rewriting / formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification

  1. As to late order verification (when a client has not answered the questions of the Financial Department to prove their identity and avoid online fraud), the deadline for the order starts when customer’s identity is clarified. In this case, a customer should either place an additional compensation order or extend the deadline.

Word Count Issues

  1. Customers should count pages in accordance with the number of words (300 words per page). Nevertheless, such a rule cannot be adhered to when it goes about technical orders which require a lot of calculations. The price will be based on the level of complexity.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. Speaker notes are a paid option and it should be selected when placing a ppt order. Below each slide, 100-150 words are to be provided by the agency.
  3. We calculate online tests in compliance with the number of questions (5 questions per 1 page). This requirement is imposed on “multiple choice” questions as well (e.g. if the test consists of 15 questions, it will be necessary to place a 3-page order).


  1. Early paper delivery is to be compensated. In case a client wants to get a piece of writing earlier, the price will be recharged. In this case, a customer is to place an additional online order. If a writer agrees to complete a paper earlier without any financial compensation, a refund cannot be given in the future.
  2. A customer can get a partial refund if the paper has been sent after the deadline without client’s approval. The price difference will be recalculated in compliance with the company’s pricing policy.

Order Type

  1. When cooperating with our company, customers should select the right order type (for instance, a client has chosen a “Term paper” instead of a “Dissertation”). If the company has not received the payment for the provided service, a refund is not to be given.
  2. When completing a “Rewriting” order, a writer will rephrase client’s text. In case more sources, additional research, or more paper units are required, a customer should place a compensation order.
  3. Customers are encouraged to check their e-mails and personal profiles to see whether there are some messages from our representatives. We do appreciate when customers respond to the messages and questions on time, especially when it is about topic selection. Protection Status