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Management Work and Society

In modern conditions, a balance between work and non-work has become one of the most critical family and social concerns. It was researched that the work-family conflict is one of the main stressors in the workplace. These issues are analyzed in detail, especially through the men’s and women’s roles perspective. Nowadays, men meet more family…

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Obesity in Scotland: A Public Health Burden

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat that is detrimental to one’s health. The World Health Organization defines obesity as body mass index (BMI) which is equal to 30 or greater. Obesity is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In addition, such diseases as diabetes, some types of cancer and ischemic heart disease…

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Family Planning: Contraception under the Affordable Care Act

Abstract The paper discusses the issues of contraception under the Affordable Care Act. The notion of contraception is tightly connected with this reform. It is the main subject of heated debates, which were conducted in the U.S. government lately. According to the new provision, starting from August 2012, women will receive eight health care benefits…

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The Negative Effects of Mass Media

Today, the media have become an extremely important part of each person’s life. In the past years, the development of technological progress causes the most influential impact on the flow of events. With a help of the new technologies, humanity gained the possibility to search and share information in the easiest way. The modern era…

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Obesity in the United States

The social problem refers to negative conditions or issues that are raised in every society. Obesity qualifies to be a social problem in many communities because it is an undesirable issue in any community. In the United States, obesity has become an epidemic and, in fact, in many developed nations. Obesity is increasing in American…

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