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All Types of Essays

Most students have no motivation or willingness to write academic papers. For most of them, all types of essays present a serious challenge. This is natural because thousands of students feel that they cannot write a single word. As a result, they simply do not want to waste their time on something that will never bring the desired result. It is like doing something that we can do perfectly and professionally. This is not the case of academic writing. Most students either lack essential writing skills or do not know how to translate their thoughts into a compelling academic argument. They would rather spend their time at work, make a career, or organize a great party with friends. They can do any of these things much more professionally and diligently than anything related to essay writing.

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Most Common Types of Essays

Admission Essay

This seems to be the most important of all types of college essays ever written by students. However, it is also the most difficult one. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you feel that you miss an admission opportunity due to the lack of effective writing skills.

Argumentative Essay

Among other types of essays in high school, argumentative essays enjoy a peculiar status. Students must be able to devise an argument and find evidence to support their claims. Besides, they must be able to develop a persuasive outline even before they write the first draft of their paper.

Cause and Effect Essay

In cause and effect essays, students should explain why something happens and to what results it usually leads. It is an essay that links causes to effects or vice versa. A distinctive feature of this type of essay is that the writer must provide sufficient evidence to justify both the causes and the effects of a certain event.

Classification Essay

In classification essays, which is also one of the most popular types of essay writing, students are expected to use their classification and decision-making skills to categorize certain items or events.

Comparison Essay

The main task of the student writing a comparison essay is to compare and contrast anything, such as two stories, two characters, two events, two presidents, two countries, and so on. It can be anything, but the basic idea remains unchanged – to identify the commonalities and differences and describe them using evidence and proofs.

Critical Essay

A critical essay remains one of the most popular types of academic essay writing. In critical essay students are required to make an objective critique of an essay, a paper, a book, an event, and so on. Critical essay writing has nothing to do with criticism. The task of a student is not to express negative opinions but to deliver a thorough objective analysis using evidence.

Deductive Essay

In a deductive essay, the student will have to analyze the achievements and accomplishments made by others and make conclusions based on findings.

Definition Essay

Among other types of essays, a definition essay is probably one of the simplest ones. Its purpose is to explain the meaning of something, be it a term, an event, or a phenomenon. Definition essays can be written on a variety of topics. Students may need to define anything, from a computer to a vehicle.

Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays differ from other types of college essays in the sense that they explore rather than analyze some topic or issue in depth. It is like going to uncharted territory to reveal the hidden dimension of a familiar issue.

Expository Essay

In expository essays, your task will be to expose the hidden facets of some problem or provide a new perspective on an issue that concerns most readers. Sometimes you may need to provide additional explanations. Some other times, you may want to delve into an unknown aspect of the problem and make it visible and known to your audience.

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Informal Essay

Of all types of essays in high school, informal essays usually draw particular attention. They are less formal than, for example, admission or expository essays. They also provide an array of opportunities for self-expression and elaboration. Informal essays are definitely some of the most favorite ones academic circles.

Literature Essay

In a literature essay, you will explore, analyze, and critique a literary piece. This is one of the richest spaces for revealing your talents and passions for academic writing. Just choose a book or poem that you like and expose the depths of its meaning to your audience.

Narrative Essay

In a narrative essay, you will need to adopt a very personal stance. You will be able to express your opinions and present your perspectives on the events or phenomena you choose to describe in your paper. Use your own words. Do not forget about rich literary devices. Your narration should be fascinating and mind changing.

Personal Essay

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In fact, it is a personal application essay. Compared with other types of essay writing, this essay can be particularly unpleasant. The thing is that you will have to be very personal and try to present yourself objectively, with strengths and weaknesses that make you fit for some class, course, or career opportunity. You do not need to praise yourself, but you do not have to expose all your weaknesses at once. Your task is to stay balanced and present yourself as a specialist with huge expertise and some human weaknesses.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive and argumentative essays go hand by hand, as in both, you will need to present a viewpoint and provide evidence that this view is correct.

Research Essay

In a research essay, you will use the principles and features of persuasive essay writing, but you will go deeper to find more research and evidence to support your claims.

Response Essay

In a response essay, you will share your reaction to something, from a book to a movie. You will be able to choose anything you like, from a musical track to a famous picture. You may even consider some fashion shows. Make sure that you can express your opinion professionally and without offending anyone.

Scholarship Essay

Here you will apply for the academic scholarship. This is probably the most challenging and difficult essay in terms of writing. Just imagine how creative you should be to prove that you are worth winning an academic scholarship!

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