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Analysis of BABA

Alibaba Group is one of the leading platforms for wholesale trade in the world that hosts the largest B2B ( and B2C (Taobao, Tmall) marketplaces globally. In fact, its online sales and profits have surpassed those of all the US retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and eBay combined, since 2015 (Alibaba Group, 2018). Alibaba Group has…

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The Ethics of Selling Dangerous Products

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Every business owner, as well as a manager of a large or small company, should keep in mind corporate social responsibility. It is important to maintain a socially responsible policy because of the three main reasons we have divided these into a pragmatic reason, an ethical reason, and a…

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Establishing a New Business

Start-ups do not only require a feasible business ideas but also knowledge and skills, which are equally important when managing the businesses. After being certain that the beginning of own business is the right decision, a significant amount of self-confidence is required in order to progress (Block & Wagner 2010). Self-confidence can be improved as…

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Burger King Company

Burger King Company is one of the oldest fast-food chain restaurant companies in the United States, which operates globally through the use of different franchises. The company is considered to be the second largest after MacDonald’s in the fast-food industry. The company applies different business and corporate-level strategies in its business operations. Although it is…

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Wal-Mart’s Management Information System

By definition, MIS encompasses all aspects of information technology that work towards the effective running of a given organization (Fenz, Heurix, Neubauer, & Pechstein, 2014). Information systems in this case involve numerous aspects of the organizational operations ranging from inventory management, supply chain management to HR management, and many other aspects. It is suggested that…

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She’s FIT Company Overview

This document provides an overview of the ‘She’s FIT’, which is a Canadian group of fitness centers. The company has won a strong position at the special niche in the fitness market and provides fitness services only for women. ‘She’s FIT’ positions itself as a company with friendly prices, where every woman is able to…

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