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American Foreign Policy: Near, Medium, and Long-Term Strategy for the 21st Century

On the one hand, the United States has always been on the top of proliferating democracy, freedom of speech, equality, and transparency the key dimensions of prosperous co-existence of citizens all over the world. Apparently, this is one of the most persuasive arguments why the United States should become the world’s leader that can guide…

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Aspects That Affect Forensic Investigators

The major aspects of the United States (US) Constitution that affect forensic investigators (FIs) include the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments. The Fourth Amendment explains how the FIs can ensure evidence admissibility in court by obtaining search and seizure warrants. The exceptions to the warrant requirements include the existence of urgent situations, the use of…

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Police Professionalism

Introduction The profession of a police officer experiences hard times in the United States due to some rapid changes that face society and shift expectations in politics. In the American context, policing had to adapt to the time of increased violence in the 1960s; 20 years later when the cocaine splitting exploded in the cities,…

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International Migration: Economic Consequences

Abstract International immigration or movement of people from one country to another is a phenomenon that is always accompanied by advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. The country that is a target for many immigrants may experience social strain and the burden of hosting foreigners. Currently, immigrants are viewed as a source of social and…

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Ethics and the Police

Introduction Law enforcement is a unique and important component of the government. Law enforcement officers protect citizens and the government against anarchy and facilitate the rule of law. A well organized and ethically just police force breeds social wellbeing. Law enforcement officers have the choice to either represent or misrepresent government values and ethics. Police…

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Contract Law

Question 1 (a). The employee has self-reported as is required of him, which is a positive aspect. As an employee, coach Crean is supposed to adhere to the contract terms, rules, and regulations to safeguard his employment. The university can fire coach Crean, and this can be supported by arguing that the coach’s conduct of…

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