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Ethics on Group and Individual Counseling

Individual and group counseling remain the two common methods of therapy applied to various settings. Individual therapy largely focuses on developing personal interactions between the client and the therapists and ultimately solves an issue that may be either long or short term. Group counseling involves one or more individual therapists dealing with the needs of…

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Issues of Personal Identity

Generally, in workplaces, there are situations when professional responsibilities unexpectedly conflict with the deepest values of individuals. Usually, managers respond to such situations in several ways, depending on a given situation. Regardless of the path taken in order to approach such challenges, decisions are cumulatively taken over many years, based on the individual’s character. These…

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Ethical Guidelines for Professional Drivers

Professional Drivers Ethics Professional drivers require driving skills, proper physical and mental health, familiarity, and strong will. While on the road, professional drivers take safety precautions. They set high standards for their work by ensuring a follow-up of the code of ethics. The code of ethics pinpoints the standards of behavior associated with objectivity, obligation,…

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Business Ethics: Unethical Accounting Practices

Business ethics is vital for the success of any organization and well-being of society. In many instances, enterprises are faced with challenges of upholding business ethics. Due to these challenges in exercising business ethics, this research paper finds it imperative to investigate the issue of unethical accounting practices. In identifying these issues, the theory of…

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Female Body Issues in Movies and Games

Modern culture has different factors that shape the mind of its representatives in a specific society. One of the strongest sources of influence is films and computer or console games. Often represented by large and powerful corporations, film and game industries obtain significant revenues from their products, which is why they tend to depict issues…

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