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Additional Services We Provide

Additional Services

Progressive Delivery Service

We offer a unique progressive delivery service, which gives an opportunity to deal with complicated and large papers (10+ pages single-spaced and/ or 20+ pages double-spaced).

Benefits of Progressive Delivery Service:

  • Customers have an opportunity to monitor the process of writing because the paper is sent to them in parts prior to the final deadline.
  • While the regular paper can be revised during two days after its delivery, progressive delivery service allows customers to ask for free revision during 30 days.
  • Best writer and top editor are assigned to complete the paper.
  • The order is monitored by a personal manager. It guarantees that the paper will be completed according to the requirements and the writer and the customer will communicate effectively.

Drafts are delivered in the following manner*:

  • if the order urgency is 4 days or even less, a draft will be delivered within 50% of total order deadline (for instance, when order deadline is 4 days, paper draft will be delivered in 2 days). Draft will comprise 25% of the whole paper (for instance, if the page number of the order is 20 pages, a clients will get a 5-page draft);
  • for papers with the urgency of 5-11 days, two paper drafts will be delivered within 25% and 50% of total deadline in the respective volume of 25% and 50%;
  • when the order urgency is 12 or more days, three paper drafts will be sent within 25%, 50%, 75% of the total order deadline in the respective volume of 25%, 50%, 75%.

Its price is only +15% to the total order sum.

* when the client wants to get his/her order in a different way, an individual plan can be created according to the preferences of the client and special features of the order. In such situations, all writing details should be discussed with the personal manager.

Additional Services for Small Orders (Less than 20 Pages)

1-page Summary Service

Summary writing refers to additional service. It allows clients to receive a short summary (1 page) of the whole paper. This way, clients can easily understand the main points. Such service is recommended to clients who have to report on the paper topic.

Paper Draft

When a client orders this service, he/she will get a one-page draft (300 words in case the order is double-spaced and 600 words in case the order is single-spaced) of the paper when 50% of the total order deadline expires. For instance, in case the urgency of client’s order is 6 days, a paper draft will be delivered in 3 days.

Extended Revision Service

We guarantee free revision service during two days after the final paper delivery. However, extended revision service helps clients to extend the revision deadline to 14 days! Protection Status