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The U.S and Cuba after the Cuban Revolution

Cuba and the U.S. have always had a grudge against each other. The situation became even worse after Cuban Revolution which took place between December 2, 1956 and January 2, 1959, and due to which Fidel Castro came to power. The relationships between these two nations were not so rosy at all at that time….

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Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Its Impact on Business and Society

The overarching motivation behind the adoption of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was to overhaul the deeply iniquitous social system in the United States. Indeed, discrimination of various kinds reigned supreme in the country at that time. However, in addition to its obvious social undertones, the 1964 Civil Rights Act had clear implications for business….

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The Iran-Contra Affair

Currently, all the threads of the Iranian influence on the so-called “Arab revolution” have become clearer. Everyone knows that Iran sponsors the “Hezbollah”, the Lebanese terrorist organization. However, for some time Iran, which called the USA “the Great Satan”, collaborated with its foremost enemy. The Middle-aged and elder people still remember a scandal in the…

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African Americans of the Harlem Renaissance

Introduction An era that started around 1919 and went on until the mid-1930s is termed the Harlem Renaissance. This era is mostly considered to have declined in the wake of the Great Depression. As a cultural movement, the Harlem Renaissance saw the introduction of the African American culture into the Northern, North Eastern, and Mid…

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Joseph Lee and the Playground Movement

Abstract The playground movement played a great role in American history and society. Due to this movement, recreation and leisure concepts completely changed. It was believed that due to recreation and play, children will be able to develop in a more effective and appropriate way. The paper describes Joseph Lee as one of the most…

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American Dream Trend Report

The question of the American Dream can be regarded from various perspectives, including sociological, cultural, conceptual, historical, and economic ones. The latter perspective has to be applied in order to measure the economic well-being through the study of wealth as being an indicator of the American Dream. Since the main argument of the report is…

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