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Management: an Art or a Science?

Many scientists, experts, and just common people have been investigating the role of management in our everyday life. Many people play the role of a manager in different situations: at the workplace, at home, at the hospital, or anywhere else. Some people are born to be leaders, but for others, it requires hard and persistent…

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Emergency Management

Integrated Emergency Management Integrated emergency management presupposes assessing a variety of risks and threats as well as preventing their occurrence through their elimination or isolation. In regards to the readiness for emergency management, adequate preparation is needed. These developments cover planning, training, exercising, and informing the appropriate respondents. The respondent engages through the necessary co-ordination…

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Company Restructure

Introduction In the modern working environment, the organisational structure occupies an integral part in the management of the organisations. The organisational structures are seen as vital components of organisations as a result of their significance of the operations’ effectiveness and performance of goals (Armstrong & Rasheed, 2013). The organisational structure can be defined as a…

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Analysis of Legislation Affecting Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a fragile field since it entails offering services to clients. Poor services of a particular hotel prompts customers to seek services from other hotels. Contrary, word of mouth indicating the high quality of services from a particular hotel result in numerous clients seeking services from it. Thus, the hotel management has…

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Individual Research Project: The Deontological Ethical System

Abstract There are various systems of ethics that can be applied to the profession of accountant. They include the deontological system of ethics and the utilitarian system of ethics. However, the best possible one in line with the accountant profession ought to identify the values inherent in the organizational culture of this occupation and the…

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Zappos: The Art of Satisfaction

Zappos leadership focuses on building a positive team working spirit and boosting socialization among employees. According to its leader, Hsieh, improving the communication system increases management efficiency and instills trust in workers (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2015). Moreover, the manager has an open office and believes that an open-door management policy does not require the…

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