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Would you like to earn money online the easy way? Consider the “earn money for students” affiliate program from a custom writing service. You might be asking yourself, “What is an affiliate program” and “how am I able to make money fast on the side?” To understand our affiliate program, let us take a look at, Inc as to the model example. Back in 1996, their CEO and founder Jeff Bezos came up with a brilliant plan. The website persuaded sellers to act as affiliates, posting links to individual products that would be sold on Amazon. The affiliate facilitates the sale while Amazon handles the rest: the online retailer takes the order, collects the payment, and sends out the product. Today, Amazon boasts more than half a million affiliates!

These days, affiliate programs for students have really taken off, and they come in different forms. For the many websites that sell merchandise and services in small quantities, teaming up with a larger company is the best way for them to attract customers.

What does this mean for you? It is simple: if you are able to help a website that delivers products and services to generate more traffic, you get paid a commission. In other words, if you can convince friends, family members, and acquaintances to visit a website and make a purchase, that website pays you (the affiliate) for links from your site to theirs. Of course, these “earn money for students” programs only work if a sale is actually generated as a result of your link.

It might come as a surprise that affiliate programs are a form of advertising, although not in the traditional sense. It is referred to as Pay Per Action (PPA) because the affiliate does not actually put a merchant’s advertising link on their website. Instead, a visitor to the site does something like visiting the site, filling out a form, buying something.

The affiliate includes links to the merchant’s website and receives money depending on whatever agreement they have made. For instance, the affiliate can get paid based on how many people visit the site, or in some cases only if they go through with a purchase. In a nutshell, the more the affiliate is able to increase web traffic on the merchant’s site and generate sales, the more money the affiliate earns. “Earn money for students” affiliate programs create an efficient and useful way to market a website’s services since it costs far less than paying for a full-fledged advertising campaign. Our company provides custom writing services to students from all over the world and is a confident leader in the custom-writing market.

We offer money and discounts for students who help promote our custom writing services. It is easy to make some extra cash! Simply join the affiliate custom writing program. Through this program, you are provided with a link and a promotional code to the affiliate program from a custom writing service. You copy them and send them to friends and classmates. When they place an order you make money.

How to earn bonuses?

Step 1 Make your first order

Step 2 Log in to your account to participate in our referral program

Step 3 Receive a unique discount code and a link to share it with your friends

Step 4 Refer your friends and get bonuses to your balance (you will receive 10% of the sum paid by your referees)

Step 5 Place a new order and pay with your bonuses affiliate program – earn money from custom writing is definitely one of the custom writing services that have managed to win the trust of numerous customers from all over the world. We have gone further than merely to providing excellent writing services – we have managed to establish an affiliate program that helps our clients earn money and use it on custom written papers. We view this program as the epitome of commitment to our huge clientele base. As the number of new clients is growing each day, we want to give praise to these people who stay with us and rely on our help. With the assistance of our affiliate program, our clients are motivated to become richer. From now on, there is a wonderful opportunity for students to earn money with our writing and editing services. We have created our company with the main mission – to care about each customer’s needs and future. So, contact us, earn with us, and be sure you will improve the grades.

What our company can offer:

  • 01.The first order placed by a new customer on the website will bring you a 10% bonus.
  • 02.In his/ her turn, the first-time customer to our service will get a guaranteed 17% discount for the paper.

If you are considering the chance to start cooperation with the affiliate program, be sure that you will not only get the custom written papers that you need but you will also have an opportunity to share information about us with the other people, who will be potential new clients. Therefore, once you cooperate with affiliate custom writing from, do not hesitate and share facts and details about the company with your group mates and peers. On the one hand, you will earn money for yourself while on the other hand, you will greatly promote the company.

*This is the “My friends’ email” field, where you need to type the email addresses of your peers, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, etc., who may need our services. Alongside the promo code, the recipients will get general information about our services.

How to use the affiliate program:

  • 01.Enter the login and password into the corresponding field to enter your account on our website. Click the “Affiliate Program” tab.
  • 02.Find a promotional code (it is unique and individual), the email sending field*, and the link referring to the affiliate program.
  • 03.Copy the link to the affiliate program and send it to friends and classmates (or any other people interested in our services).
  • 04.The person clicking the link and being forwarded to our website will be memorized by our company and included in the customers’ database.
  • 05.People who receive the email from you will be able to use the promo code for the discount, which will be given automatically.

What advantages does a client get from our affiliate program?

The main aspect of our affiliate program is that our company’s client participating in it gets a regular 10% bonus every time the new client orders from us.

The customer who is ordering from us for the very first time gets a 17% discount for the first order placed at

You can accumulate bonuses in your personal account and use them when paying for a custom order. If you have collected many bonuses, you are free to use them all to pay for a specific paper. However, in case you do not have many of them to cover the whole payment, you can pay partially with bonuses and part with money. Do not hesitate and become a part of our affiliate program. With our help, you will earn money for students and promote our custom writing service.

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