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Contract Business Letter

Dear Mr. J, I am writing this letter in response to your suit against Tom S. for his breach of contract with you. The primary aim of my letter is to defend Mr. Tom’s interests and to prove the legal groundlessness of your claims. I would like to start with a brief summary of the…

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Recommendation Letter to Florida Coastal School of Law Office of Admissions

Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is written in support of Mr. Smith’s application for the Florida Costal School of Law. As his supervisor at LP, I had a pleasure to have been working with him for five years since 2007. According to the following fact, I would like to express my confidence that he possesses all…

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Petition Letter for Readmission

To the Academic Standing Committee I am Liam Smith of student’s registration/admission number (Insert admission number). I received a letter of dismissal from the university based on my academic progress. I write this letter hoping that my dismissal from the university will be reconsidered. I have just completed my second year at Suffolk University. All…

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Recommendation Letter

1). How did you meet with John? For the first time we met at the interview 5 years ago, when he aspired to the position of an associate at Markit Group in White Plains office in New York City. Now I am a Vice President of this company. Did you collaborate together? We were working…

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Letter of Advice

Dear Kate and John, For a relationship to work there ought to be an effective communication between partners, as communication is the key ingredient in success of any relationship. Therefore, it is important that as a couple you work towards maintaining a healthy communication habit that will keep the relationship intact forever. For helping to…

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Thank You Letter

Dear Sir, RE: APPRECIATION FOR YOUR SERVICES Hello sir, how have you been? Hope you are doing well. This is your friend, Tom, from Hult School of aviation. I was in charge of the team from the institution that visited the airport in October. I am writing this letter to give my appreciation for the…

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