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Memo: Winning People and Influencing Friends

TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Winning People and Influencing Friends Human beings have a tendency of valuing themselves so much that they forget to appreciate others and assure them that they matter. Unfortunately, those people who do not take the time to see the good in others can spend years trying to impress them and never…

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Memorandum: Launching Atlantis to Rescue

TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJEC: Launching Atlantis to Rescue the STS-107 Crew Introduction, Recommendation, and Plan A breach in the Thermal Protection System on the leading edge of Columbia’s left-wing resulted in an adverse disaster that could claim the lives of the crew. In a matter of seconds after the launch, the left bipod ramp part…

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Creating UMSL Healthy Nutrition Environment

MEMORANDUM To: From: Date: Subject: Creating a Healthy Nutrition Environment There are more than 17,000 students from 100 different countries living and studying at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. There are only seven small restaurants that offer food services. The biggest food court, the Nosh, harbors five restaurants but only a few of them…

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Self-Evaluation Memorandum

TO: Supervisor and Manager FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Self-Evaluation In consideration of the team’s comments and ratings, as well as my personal self-evaluation, I present what I deem as the eminent differences existing, and the plans I intend to take for better performance. The team’s response on my job skills proves that I am well placed…

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Memo: Recommendations after UAW Vote

Business ethics is a concept which takes its base at the core of life ethics such as truth, honour, respect and a moral code that must be innate to each person. The parties should follow the rules and policies for employers and employees to have a bond and a common goal. The system breaks down…

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Memo: The Instruction for Placing Monitor Leads in 12 Heart Monitor

TO: FROM: SUBJECT: The Instruction for Placing Monitor Leads in 12 Heart Monitor DATE: Introduction The instruction is aimed at nursing staff, which deals with the 12 heart monitor. The information in the instruction is presented with the purpose to inform nurses about the procedure and the main steps to be taken. The guide will…

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