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Baby-Boomers Retirement

Abstract According to reports, 10,000 Baby Boomers are going to be retired every day. That is the main reason why organizations are seeking out for new employees to fill positions that Baby-Boomers are leaving behind. The majority of these positions are far from being starting or entry-level ones. The great number of baby-boomers spent a…

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Review and Critique of Intellectual Property

Introduction The basic purpose for copyright and patents was to promote practical and artistic creative work by giving a monopoly for a short-term specific uses of the work. This monopoly was granted by the government to individuals or organizations. However, the power of the government for this monopoly is unjust and corrupt. Hence, the largest…

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Cross-Cultural Research Paper: Indian and African American

Abstract The analysis of cultures allows an individual to gather important information concerning a particular culture. In this analysis, different cultures can be compared and contrasted to enhance the understanding of the levels of diversity between them. The information gathered in cross-cultural analysis is applicable in international business practices, tourism, international mediations, and other universal…

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Gun Violence in Chicago: How Can We Prevent It?

Abstract This research paper examines the various ways in which public servants can help remedy the problem of gun violence in the city of Chicago. In 2016, the estimated number of deaths caused by gun violence in Chicago constituted 489 people. Despite the implementation of various policies to mitigate this issue, the city continues to…

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Domestic Violence and the Benefit of Recovery Programme for Women

Introduction This research proposal will focus on a phenomenon of domestic violence against women and ways of implementation of the recovery program. The increasing hazard of domestic violence demands a special approach to be settled because of its corrupt influence on society. Two types of domestic violence can be distinguished: physical and psychological. Psychological abuse…

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Casino Gambling and Its Effects

Background Casino gambling is one of the famous rotary gaming sports of chance whose history dates back to 4000 years ago (Narayanan & Manchanda 34). The game can take many forms such as table gaming, machine gaming, riverboat gaming, state-controlled gaming, and charitable gaming among others. The United States is the leading country in casino…

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