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World Expo 2020

International large-scale exhibitions are an integral part of nowadays’ business life. Gathering the representatives of different countries together, they create a unique opportunity for challenging and discussing the urgent global issues, sharing expertise, producing the best solutions, and generating new approaches to social development. Despite significant positive outcomes of this widely used method of global…

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Literature Review: Collaborative Learning

This section explores the effects of collaborative writing in L2 classrooms using the Google Docs service. Previous research suggests that completing writing tasks in collaboration offers learners an opportunity to cooperate and solve their language-related problems, co-construct new language knowledge, and produce linguistically more accurate written texts (Dobao, 2012). Therefore, this section will discuss the…

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Literary Review: Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are vital strategies in contemporary business management; these strategies are aimed at rejuvenating companies and businesses whose fortunes are declining. M&A is also used by corporations to gain strategic advantages as a measure to cope with changes in the business environment. The topic is pivotal, as it equips the business management…

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Leadership and Employee Turnover

Introduction The contemporary world of management and business is full of changes, which take place both in the internal environment of companies and in the external business sphere. Leadership and employee turnover have always been related to each other. These terms interrelate in a management system, which consists of a myriad of elements. The following…

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Family Communication

Family Communication: Literature Review (Paper 2) Rationale Parents develop the communication skills of their children, and the influence created by family members has a long-term effect on the socialization of a junior’s expertise and personality (Stracher, 2015). Support or pressure created by parents concerning the interests of their children dictates the children’s socialization and communication…

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How Society Shapes Gender Identities

1. Introduction A society is a group of people that share a geographical or communal region. Typically, societies are exemplified by patterns of relations that share unique customs and traditions. Thus, a society is a sum of distinctive cultures. Social science argues that societies are stratified into groups that enable its members to benefit more…

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