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Multicultural Crisis Counseling

This paper examines the basic definition of multicultural crisis counseling and its practical aspects. The articles, still, vary in the description of its implications. Furthermore, Ahmed, Wilson, Henriksen, and Jones (2012) demonstrated that teaching counselors about the meaning of multicultural competence are a vital part of multicultural counseling training. Multicultural understanding manifests itself in a…

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The Racetrack Playa

OUTLINE 1. INTRODUCTION A. Current problem: The essence of the Racetrack Playa and the phenomenon of the sailing stones. B. Population/Area of Focus: the Racetrack Playa; C. Key Terms: the Racetrack Playa, sailing stones. Thesis statement: The official reason for the movement of stones and the main hypothesis of this phenomenon is the influence of…

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Ethics in Advertising

Option 1 1. The ethical issue/problem. The boss of the private college’s communications office asks the student who is responsible for “the alumni engagement” campaign to use the digitally modified photo in the brochure. Such action is virtually dishonest and may be easily revealed because there are numerous participants and witnesses involved in the situation….

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How the USA and the West View Islam: Islamophobia

Traditionally, the society in the West in general and in the USA, in particular, has been built on the principles of tolerance, democracy, inclusion, and acceptance, what has ensured that people of all nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities have been welcome and not judged based on their unique peculiarities. Thus, for instance, the USA has been…

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Labor Movement in the USA

Abstract The paper examines in detail one of the most famous labor movements in the USA which is known as the National Labor Union. Along with this, there is a profound description of the motives, aims, and actions the Union aimed to achieve the expected results. Having united millions of the representatives of the working…

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Pros and Cons of Cohabitation

In the previous century, society perceived cohabitation only from a negative side. People did not understand this phenomenon; thus, they sharply reacted to the individuals who lived together without marriage. In today’s society, this situation is simpler, and only their feelings are the main elements of people’s relations. For example, divorce has become a common…

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