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The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

For a long time, Israel has been in a conflict with its neighbors. Moreover, the efforts to restore peace in the region have been in place since the 1970s, but most of them have failed (Miller 439). The majority of Israel’s peace agreements are American-led efforts to establish a good relationship with Arabian countries. Therefore,…

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Trade Imbalance between China and the United States

The problem of international economic relations is of great importance in the age of globalization. The two global economies of China and America play the main role in World Trade Organization (WTO). The leaders of the two states in their public speeches focus on the potential areas of bilateral cooperation, along with the existence of…

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Trump Administration Attitude towards THAAD

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system is one of the best defense technologies in the world capable of engaging both other missiles and enemy targets. The United States’ innovation is key to the protection of homeland and allies from volatile states, such as Iran and North Korea. Due to its capabilities,…

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Social Theories and their Connection with Politics

Introduction Social theory can be defined as a scientifically substantiated explanation of the various phenomenon, the development of human civilization in particular. This section of philosophical and sociological studies is among the most fervently disputed and contested by both the scientific and the political communities. To be more precise, the followers and adherents of the…

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Diary of American Politics

April 22, 2015: Opponents of Gay Marriage Ponder Strategy as Issue Reaches Supreme Court The issue of legalizing same-sex marriage will be heard in Supreme Court this coming Tuesday, and opponents of the cause are further strengthening their resistance, as Erik Eckholm writes. Statistics reveal that more than half of America’s population endorses marriage equality,…

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Trump and Clinton Debate Analysis

A debate analysis works towards assessing in detail specific issues that arose during the discussion. By analyzing a debate, one can understand much about the debaters and their perception of the topic of discussion. This essay aims to assess the foreign issues that were discussed in the first and the third 2016 U.S. Presidential debate…

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