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Why do more and more students require the assistance of problem solution essay writing service professionals? Aren’t they able to solve various intellectual problems on their own? To answer these questions precisely, it is advisable to assess the overall complexity of the written compositions based on problem-solving.

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To comprehend the particularities of this kind of assignment better, let us delve into the problem solution paper definition. In brief, such an essay centers around an explicit challenge, which must be thoroughly elucidated. After delving into all the details of the challenge posed, you have to find the most suitable solutions.

It is wrong to suppose that such tasks are needed only for the essay composition classes. Although you might not be assigned with creating a problem-solving essay in your professional life, you will constantly encounter situations where certain problems need proper solutions. Sometimes, there can be an imitation of a real-life challenge in your writing task. If you cope with it successfully theoretically, you will be able to find practical solutions to the problem in reality. In other words, problem-solving essays may teach you many useful things.

How to Define a Problem Solution Essay?

If you have to write a problem solution essay, your primary task is to discern a focal problem. After identifying the major issue, you need to describe it to your audience to make it comprehensible. Later in your text, specific questions must be posed to facilitate brainstorming that leads to effective solutions. Although such an assignment may be quite typical even for high school students, it becomes more complicated in college. Thus, students of higher academic levels frequently require problem solution essay writing help. What is more, certain dissertations, especially in humanities and social sciences, maybe also focused on problem-solving approaches. Some works of this kind may contain diverse alternative solutions. Although, it is more typical to focus on a single solution as the ultimate one.

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If you only start writing your problem solution essay, you may be given a free topic choice. It means the initial part of your scrutiny encompasses brainstorming of the most relevant issues in the particular sphere. Do not forget to jot down the most compelling ideas not to miss them.

Try to concentrate on some burning issues, which are trendy and even controversial. Controversies help you to come up with miscellaneous perspectives on the subject. Yet, this variety can become tricky, as you may go too far, making your reflections ambiguous. Hence, it is better to avoid broad topics for your problem-solving research.

Integral Sections of a Problem Solution Essay

The problem’s elucidation: you cannot come up with solutions without explaining the problem deeply. Your target audience must be convinced that the burning issue is not make-believe. They must be aware of this problem or you have to encourage your readers to learn about it. Find the evidence of the problem by presenting relevant statistical information, along with the latest opinions of authorities (when applicable).

Solution proposal: when suggesting a solution to a certain problem or a challenge, you must interrelate it with the investigation you were responsible for. Make sure to present a viable solution by proving its realistic aspect, so that it could be easily implemented in practice.

Hint: it is possible to write a decent problem-solving essay even when exploiting a broad topic. How? Do your best to choose the most compelling aspect of this subject matter and explore it to the fullest. So, the secret is in narrowing a broad topic down.

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Writing a Problem Solution Essay:

  • When selecting a problem, a challenge, or a burning issue always consider the interests of your target audience.
  • The more original your challenge is, the more compelling solutions to it you will find.
  • Scrutinize every possible aspect of the problem and ponder over constructive arguments.
  • Controversial and even disturbing statistics can draw the attention of your readers.
  • If you explain a rare issue, make sure your audience comprehends it well after you present it.
  • If you have a strong personal story related to the issue, then be free to tell it, which can be also a great hook.
  • If you wrote down too many solutions, look through them, and choose only ingenious, accurate, and persuasive ones.
  • Let your audience have a glimpse into the final solution or at least attention-grabbing consequences related to the problem. What are the ensuing effects if you implement your solutions?

Can We Use Typical Academic Structures for Problem Solution Essays?

Indeed, the structure is not much different from the one of ordinary academic essays. However, you should be attentive to the details you provide in your research sections. Typically, you start with the introduction. In the problem and solution essay intro, there must be a distinct explanation of the challenge in question. Besides, you have to present pertinent background information to help your readers perceive the issue without obstacles. Further, the causes and effects of the problem should be elucidated.

The next small but integral part to concentrate on is a thesis statement. Although it contains merely one sentence, it must reveal a central idea or a strong argument that leads directly to the most effective solution or identifies crucial consequences unless the challenge is tackled.

The main body delves further into describing your suggestions regarding optimal solutions to the problem. You have to attempt to predict the consequences of both positive and negative solutions. If there are several solutions, it is beneficial to concentrate on each one equally, presenting their pros and cons.

The last part of your paper is also typical: this is a conclusion. It may be effective to present a call to action, making your audience more engaged. However, if you did not find an ultimate solution to the problem posed, you should be focused on unraveling the potential of further research.

Fortunately, there are no strict guidelines regarding the problem-solution paper formatting. Sometimes, a student is allowed to choose their preferred format. In this case, you can select any standard academic style, such as Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA, or even Turabian. Typically, your professor will assign one of the mentioned writing formats.

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