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E-crime and Computer Security Problems in South Africa

Today, a lot of new businesses emerge in South Africa each year. As a rule, they start as small organizations, which are hungry to capture new markets all over the world, promote their products, and build effective business relations with their partners, whom they encounter on the way to success. The main tool that almost…

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Methods of Ethical Decision Making

The Ethical Issue Surveillance is the dedicated, efficient, and repetitive attention to the details of individuals in order to influence, direct, manage or protect them or other people (Richards, 2013). It is the observation and or monitoring of a person. Surveillance concentrates on learning facts about individuals. It is systematic and deliberate rather than unplanned…

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Software Defined Networking for Security in the Internet of Things

Abstract – The Internet of Things presents a lot of challenges because of hazards to data security, physical security, devices security, and privacy. All of these hazards should be addressed prior to the time when the Internet of Things appears as a commonplace. The current paper demonstrates how Software Defined Networking can benefit security in…

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Dashboard Mockup Cisco System Inc.

Introduction Cisco System Inc. always works with the aim of meeting the market demands of its clients. It does not like the probability that there will be further changes in the market since the current business is booming. All the investments were made and prioritization gets its foundation from the direction of the market. If…

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Network Virtualization

The rapid development of the market of virtualization technologies occurred in many respects due to the increase in the capacities of the hardware which allowed creating the effective platforms of virtualization both for server systems and desktop computers. The virtualization technologies allow starting several virtual copies of operating systems (guest OS) from one physical computer…

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Mobile Communication

The development of mobile communication systems has revolutionized the means of communication of people across the world. The evolution of wireless technologies is happening rather slowly, but it is supposed to reach its goal when the fourth and fifth generations appear. People will use the mobile networks that rely on the development of manual terminals….

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