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Application Essays

Applying for The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program

Dear Mr/Mrs (Surname), My name is (student’s name) and I am writing to you in order to apply for The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program. I am a current university student specializing in the Hospitality Business Management. I am extremely interested in your company since it is one of the leading companies within contemporary business…

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Essay for Scholarship

This paper presents an essay on my personal statement regarding my involvement at the social level. It also contains my plans on the use of the scholarship once awarded. In this section, a discussion of my engagement in social and school activities is given. My involvement in the society and school life is determined by…

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The University of Chicago Application Essay

Some people have troubles selecting their majors, but in my case I realized that communication, psychology or sociology are the majors of my choice just in time to apply for a transfer. From the early years of my life I loved talking with all sorts of people, as communication brought me joy and happiness.

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The University of California Application Essay

I look forward to gaining a degree in biology and I am going to specialize in molecular and cell biology. The purpose of doing so is to enable me to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming an oncologist. This is a true fact that many people pass away daily because of cancer, and one of…

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The University of America Application Essay

One of my biggest dream in life is to be a graduate from a university in America, majoring in business administration; my childhood life took a different direction that acted as a hindrance to my dream. The journey to my dream has had many challenges, I am a third child in a family of three, I was born on July 7 th, 1993, I attended my middle school and I was admitted to a reputable American high school in Egypt.

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