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Critical Analysis: The Music Video “Hello” by Adele

The music video “Hello” by Adele was released in 2015 after a three-year break in the singer’s career. It became the most attention-grabbing and challenging musical work of that time providing the fans of Adele with a new view on their idol. The video clip has gathered more than one and a half billion views…

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George Tooker: The Art of Anxiety

Introduction Painting is the art that helps to visualize ideas, values, and images that reflect a viewer’s personal experience and allows him/her to grapple with the implications of what they see in paintings. An American painter George Tooker used his painting to show a wide range of emotions that an individual could experience. He used…

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Nietzsche: Socrates “Arete” Mission Renewed in Modern Europe

Nietzsche is a well-known philosopher, theorist, and critic of the Enlightenment, who adhered to the philosophy of truthful criticism of everything existing. His reformulation of aretes appears to be a blend of Enlightenment-inspired and anti-Enlightenment vitalism aimed to appeal to and address all life-oppressing facets of the modern culture. Therefore, the current paper will demonstrate…

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The Two Trees by William Butler Yeats Review

The Two Trees The poem under consideration is entitled “The Two Trees”, and its author is William Butler Yeats. There is no doubt that the poet dedicated this work to his beloved woman. However, besides the theme of love, there are many other motives in this poem that build a whole paradigm around the author’s…

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My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke

A poem is a prearrangement of words holding musicality and meaning. Poems are used in literature to pass the poet’s messages to the readers. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” is written by Theodore Roethke. In this lyric, the author relates his message to the readers about the relationship between a father and a son and some…

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The Deadly Handkerchief: A Study of Othello by William Shakespeare

For centuries of its long existence, humanity has always tried to maintain the balance between the material and the ideal. Being juxtaposed, these two essential philosophic categories are still in close connection with each other. We usually try to find a kind of material representation of this or that ideal phenomenon, and, correspondingly, sometimes attempt…

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