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How to Write a Research Essay

Writing a research essay can be an issue when you have no time for academic learning, when you are too busy at work, when you assume too many family obligations, or when you simply have no motivation or desire to write. This guide will help you to learn how to write a research essay easy!

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What Is A Research Essay?

A research essay is more than simply a compilation of words. It requires time, attention, perseverance, and creativity in every sentence and word.

Described below is a general process for writing a perfect essay.

Select a topic

It is becoming more popular among professors to give their students full freedom to choose an essay topic. However, make sure that you choose a topic with which you are familiar or which interests you. You have to be passionate about what you write. This topic will help you create a perfect research essay outline.

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Find information

You will need to explore and gather information from a variety of sources. You will need to stick to your topic and use as many sources as required by your professor. Use the most credible and relevant resources. Create a list of references to avoid plagiarism.

Take notes while reading through your sources

While working with sources, make notes. Otherwise, you will easily forget what you have found. You may not be in the best position to remember everything you have read in a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles. With the help of notes, you will develop the basic structure for your essay and incorporate credible evidence into your paper in support of your claims.

Define the goal and objective of your essay

Only when you have a clear purpose and objective of your essay, you can make a relevant research essay conclusion based on facts. You will find it much easier to outline the key aspects and implications of your topic when you know what purpose and goal you want to pursue in writing. This understanding will provide a better focus for your paper.

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Discuss the topic and goal of your essay with your tutor

How to write a research essay? You can discuss this question with your teacher. If you are not sure how to approach your task, you can always find a common language with your supervisor. Your teacher will be happy to guide you through the process of writing your essay. However, do not ask your teacher to provide you with a topic. If your task is to choose a topic on your own, you will have to use all your creativity and talent to produce a paper of the highest quality.

How to Write a Research Essay

Consider all topics and subtopics in your paper

Most likely, you will have to address several different aspects of your paper. This is why it is better to organize your paper by aspect or subtopic. Include important background information and make sure that your readers understand the significance of the issue you plan to discuss in your paper.

Create an outline

One of the greatest things about essay writing is that you can create a research essay outline and follow it. In fact, an outline makes the whole process of writing an essay much easier. You can create a list of very general points or you may include more specific details. If that is the case, your outline will resemble a draft of your paper, but you will be much faster working on your compelling argumentative paper.

Follow the requested format

Any paper, research paper, essay or dissertation must be presented in the format required by your tutor or your supervisor. It can be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style. Feel free to use freestyle guides that are available online. Some computer software products can also be helpful in formatting and referencing your paper correctly.

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Develop a plan

Make sure that the goals and objectives of your writing are realistic enough. If your essay is too large, you would better divide it into pieces. It is much easier to write a few pages per day. However, you will slowly progress toward your essay writing goals.

How to Write a Great Essay

Begin with an introduction

Your introduction is where you introduce the issue to be explored and justify the importance of the topic. Your introduction must be brief and concise. Provide enough information for your readers. Do not think that everyone knows the relevance of the issue and understands its value.

Proceed with writing the body of your paper

This is the key aspect, the primary component of your work. You will devote most of your time to developing cohesive arguments and building solid paragraphs. A small essay should include at least three body paragraphs. The number of these paragraphs will increase if you write a longer paper. You will need to go the extra mile to write a paper that is perfectly structured and organized. Each paragraph must be tied to your thesis statement. Transitions are needed to link all paragraphs into a comprehensive argument. Do not be repetitive. Do not be redundant.

Cite and reference external sources correctly

Do not forget to cite your sources. Otherwise, you may face plagiarism allegations. Remember that colleges and universities use strict policies regarding plagiarism. As a result, even if you simply forget to mention or credit an author, you will lose academic points and damage your reputation. Follow the format and style required in your paper. Consult your supervisor if you have questions regarding referencing and formatting your paper.

Write your research essay conclusion

This is one of the last things you will do when working on your essay. Here your task is, to sum up, the main argument and offer recommendations for future research. Your conclusion must be short. It must be substantive. However, avoid introducing any new ideas in your essay conclusion. Leave some space for further elaborations and speculations on your topic.

Review your thesis statement

It is never too late to review your thesis statement. Once you have finished the first draft of your paper, you will need to review it. You must be sure that you have accomplished the task and have successfully met the goals and objectives of your writing. You will need to readjust the initial argument to fulfill your academic obligations.

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Create a list of references or works cited list

This is definitely one of the principal elements of your research paper. Here you will list all sources that were used in writing. Do not miss anything. Every author included in your list of references must also be mentioned in the body of your paper. Follow the style and formatting requirements provided by your teacher.

Final touch

Now that your paper was finished, you should refine your argument and check it for errors, typos, and confusing statements. Your essay should be free of any ambiguity. You must state everything clearly and in a language understandable to your reader. You must have an eye-catching title. Your paragraphs must be thoroughly developed to make up a single, logical argument. Your works cited list must be properly formatted. It must incorporate all the sources you have used in the body of your paper.

Review and finalize the initial draft

Do not use the very first version of your paper for grading. Usually, it will contain numerous inconsistencies and mistakes. Take some time to revise the draft and make it perfect. Review the initial argument and readjust it to make it more compelling and less confusing to your reader. Make sure that you use enough evidence to support your claims. Do not forget to credit other authors for their contribution to your argument. Sometimes, you may even need to rewrite your first draft from scratch. However, such cases are rare.

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