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Research-based Advantages of Using EMR

Electronic medical record (EMR) is the digital embodiment of the medical chart of a patient that includes but is not limited to health data on allergies, immunization, chronic conditions, and other information. EMR technology can be considered as crucial for a healthcare organization since it provides numerous research-based advantages such as error reduction, improved cost-effectiveness,…

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Informatics in Nursing and Healthcare Technology

Informatics in nursing involves the integration of nursing science, information science, and computer science in order to manage and communicate information, data, wisdom, and knowledge in nursing practice. This paper prepares three descriptive reports of informatics-based community health education tools, nursing guidelines, and the role of nursing informatics and healthcare technology in improving quality patient…

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Education on Heart Disease

The proposed research aims to discuss the importance of the provision of information on the risks of heart diseases for their prevention. The contemporary researches show the effectiveness of primary prevention techniques in the decrease of HD level. At the same time, insufficient attention has been paid to the question of whether proper education serves…

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Nurse Practitioners vs. Physician Assistants during Sepsis Treatment

This paper is devoted to the analysis and contrast of the work efficacy of nurses and physician assistants in the process of sepsis treatment aimed at achieving the best patient outcomes. The problem of sepsis is one of the gravest in medicine because of the high risk of patient mortality, which is why hospitals and…

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Evidence-Based Clinical Question Search Assignment

Patients are at risk of experiencing lung injuries, especially in the perioperative period, including such conditions as pneumonia, atelectasis, pneumothorax, and other respiratory syndromes. Anesthetic management can trigger, intensify, or ameliorate most of them. The intervention of mechanical ventilators is often a life-saving options to the patients with severe illnesses, and it is usually applied…

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Information Monitoring In a Healthcare Institution

Medical information is very sensitive. Thus, it should be well-protected and accessible only for persons who have right to see it. The exposure of patients’ medical information to other people against their will violates their rights except cases when it is really necessary (Davis & LaCour, 2016). This essay provides an assumption, according to which…

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