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Broadcasting and Society in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a unique country with a unique history of development and modernization. The most demanding visitors can find entertainment and products to their taste and enjoy the high level of service and amazing infrastructure of the main cities and resorts. The unbelievable transformation took place in the country within the…

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Classroom Management, Engagement and Motivation

Education has always been one of the most important spheres of human society. Starting from ancient times people used to pass knowledge to further generations through different means. With time, a special class of professionals emerged – teachers; people with great minds who were taught to pass knowledge in the most effective way. In the…

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Homophobia and Gender

Introduction Couples and partners who embrace same-sex relationships and marriages have been subject to discrimination based on their sexual orientation. The idea that gay and lesbian partners can co-exist does not seem to conform to societal expectations. In this respect, the negative feelings that people have towards same-sex partners form the basis of the problem…

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Distribution of Oil in Economics

The discovery of oil in the 1800s was important to the world economy. It contributed to the invention of a combustion engine. Nowadays, major distributors would fail without oil hence triggering a collapse of the economy. Crude oil is a substance that naturally occurs in different amounts and areas globally of the oil is concentrated…

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Increasing price of Gas and Oil in California

Recently, California has experienced an increasing trend of higher prices for gas and oil as compared to other states like Florida and Nevada in the US (Richards). The prices are not only high but also variable. Higher taxes imposed on oil and gas by the government of California mainly cause the rise in prices of…

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Asian Americans and the Law

Introduction Asian Americans suffer from racial discrimination in the USA for more than a hundred years. This discrimination is reflected in various spheres of life. The current research paper will provide the description and analysis of one of the most notable discriminatory U.S. government’s handlings – the case of Wen Ho Lee. This person was…

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