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Article Review/Critique Essays

Global Health Diplomacy: The New Recognition of Health in Foreign Policy

The paper features a written analysis of the article ‘Global Health Diplomacy: The New Recognition of Health in Foreign Policy’ by Ilona Kickbusch and Christian Erk. The paper summarizes the main points of the article and analyzes its strengths and weaknesses. The article addresses the crucial issues of the modern state of health through diplomatic…

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Criminal Justice Collaboration

1. Introduction Several times over the years, criminal justice agencies have attempted to become effective in their specific mandates across the country. However, they have faced a myriad of reform-based bottlenecks that, in most cases, have rendered them ineffective and, in some cases, even irrelevant. In many ways, the criminal justice system in America is a…

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Smoking Cessation Counseling Beliefs and Behaviors of Outpatient Oncology Providers 

Introduction The current essay provides a summary of the study Smoking Cessation Counseling Beliefs and Behaviors of Outpatient Oncology Providers prepared by Weaver et al. in 2012. This quantitative research analyzes the influence of health care providers on the smoking cessation of oncology patients. Much attention is paid to the description of the methodology of the…

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Moral Reasoning

Introduction The article offers a clear overview of the importance of assessing the morality of managers to enhance sound management in a working environment. The contemporary workplace appears replete with different challenges that require effective management. A manager in such a demanding environment tends to face challenges that often go beyond the walls of a…

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Articles Reviews

The Myth of the Teen Brain The article analyzes the teen’s mind, as to whether an incompletely developed mind will account for the emotional problems and irrational behaviors of a majority of teenagers. Numerous studies have been conducted on the brains activity, and anatomy of teenagers to prove this. However, these studies show that adults…

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Critique of a Quantitative Nursing Research Article

Promoting Urinary Incontinence in Women after Delivery Nurses are among the most key persons in the healthcare related professions. They are tasked with very crucial functions of providing the best available care to their clients and patients through evidence-based practice. For them to succeed in their health care and service delivery, it is obligatory that…

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