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The Birth of a Nation: Political Prospect

Abstract The paper examines a three-hour silent drama The Birth of a Nation written by David Wark Griffith. It had a huge impact on viewers. Despite numerous allegations of racist propaganda, several ones were able to reject the technical and artistic merits of the film. The question of research has been to trace the impact…

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Feminism in a Film Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino

Feminism is one of the major forces shaping the social environment nowadays. It has transformed the previous sexist thinking about “being perceived to be good looking especially for men” (Hooks 31). Currently, women are perceived as personalities that can make independent decisions in the social and economic sphere. The present paper analyzes the film Kill…

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Twilight and its Impact on the Development of an Adolescent in Middle Childhood

As adolescents continuously explore the world, they tend to refer to the media as a source of both reality and fiction. To better understand what is reality or fantasy, adolescents start searching for the ideal role model they want to follow in their lives. Indeed, the increasing interest in supernatural events and creatures, specifically vampires,…

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Atlas Shrugged: Management and OD Concept

The movie chosen for the research of organization development (OD) concept and management is Atlas Shrugged: Part I, which is based on the famous novel by Ayn Rand. The movie illustrates the major elements highlighted by the author in her book, specifically politics, economic relationships along with philosophy. What is more, not only the general…

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Review of the Movie A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

Modern society is a dynamic system that develops under various circumstances and adjusts to opportunities by creating a strong and growing demand for resources. Presently, humanity undergoes a process of globalization. In this context, oil is the main means of globalization that has a great influence on humanity. It is argued that oil and its…

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The Commanding Heights of the Economy

“The Commanding Heights of The Economy” allows a viewer to have a close look at the changes that occurred in the USA and the whole world at the end of the twentieth century. In his movie The New Rules of the Game, Greg Barker highlights how the world changed after it shifted to free-market capitalism…

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