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Interview with the Mother of Twins

Effective parenting is a crucial task for every mother. Therefore, it was decided to interview a woman who is a mother of twins as she has acquired invaluable experience in the upbringing of children. However, parenting of twins is a laborious process, which complicates the procedure and requires the application of the specific strategy that…

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Interview with an International Businessman

Logical Discussion Delving into international business is often considered an uphill task, and it is really such. The interview has been conducted with Mr. Z., an international food, and beverage business mogul. People say that the end justifies the means, but for this person, the end of one war is the beginning of another. He…

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Life Story Interview

People say: living your life is not like crossing a meadow. This proverb has some truth because life is complex and unpredictable, full of happy and sad moments, which remain in the memory forever. Everyone has their own destiny and life story. I am sitting here with Ann Smiths. She was born and raised in…

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Couple Interview Practicum Report

Introduction I had the pleasure of experiencing a unique counseling practicum. The practicum experience I achieved in my placement has been rewarding, challenging and educational. Counseling internship enabled me to develop unique and essential skills that have assisted me in the process of becoming a professional counselor. My practicum experience was an encounter with a…

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Interview Question Laboratory Technician

Brief description of the position: Reports to the Head of Department, Biological Sciences. To work in conjunction with Science teachers and other heads of Department. Ensure proper equipment of the college laboratory; be able to prepare laboratory procedures for class experiments and examinations. 1) Interview Question: What five apparatus can you quickly identify immediately as…

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Second Level Fluency

We are going to ask a few questions about second language fluency within the framework of our interview with Miles H., who is known in our district as an exceptionally good and fluent speaker of Spanish language. Q: How old were you when you started learning Spanish? M: I was six years old, and my…

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