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Zaha Hadid is a phenomenal architect of historical significance. Her works and contribution in the architectural field have been recognized far and wide. Zaha Hadid has had an illustrious career as an architect. Her efforts have been rewarded with the most coveted prize in architecture, the Pritzker Architecture Award. She won which she won in the year 2004. Furthermore, she is the only woman to have ever won the prize. However, her work is highly diversified and not limited to architectural design of buildings. This paper will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Zaha Hadid’s designs. The paper will focus on her furniture designs that have won her further recognition and praise.

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Zaha Hadid is famed for her intriguing furniture designs, including the Serac Bench, the Array Seating for Poltrona Frau, the Mercuric Table Collection for Citco, and the Liquid Glacial Tables for David Gill Galleries. Each of these furniture designs portrays an aspect of Zaha Hadid’s strength in designing. To begin with, her designs are versatile and defy the odds. Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi woman born in Baghdad. She has had to defy the odds to become a famous architect since in her country, women are looked down upon as inferior to men; therefore, in order for her to rise to the level she is at, she had to defy the odds and work hard. This is also exemplified in her designs. For instance, the Salone del Mobile, a Milan furniture set, goes against the traditionally known and accepted typecasts. The design is portrayed as the one having some transitional form that ranges between a block, sculpted and compact to a gesture, which seems to twist. The design constitutes a seat, a backrest, and an armrest, which are merged and compacted together.

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Dynamism and creativity are also some of Zaha Hadid’s greatest strengths. These are aptly portrayed in her designs. Her pieces of work are not limited to a single repetitive design form; however, they are creative, refreshing, and dynamic. For instance, a comparison can be made between the Mercuric Table Collection designed for Citco and the Liquid Glacial Tables designed for David Gill Galleries. In the Mercuric Table Collection design, Zaha Hadid blends vision, form, and function to attain perfection in designing marble tables. On the other hand, the Liquid Glacial Tables utilizes fluid dynamics to come up with a complex table surface that is highly refractive. The top of the table gives an illusion of fluid ripples and waves that occur underneath the table surface. Additionally, the table legs form a vortex that seems to pour out of the horizontal. This dynamism sets her designs above that of her peers.

Finally, Zaha Hadid’s strength also lies in her utilization of technology. She is considered one of the world’s top e-architects. She designs innovative, organic, and contemporary designs by incorporating technology. This is evident in her designs that are inspired by nature and brought to form by technology.

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However, Zaha Hadid’s work may be faulted as being too abstract. Her designs, despite being top-of-the range are not easily accessible and accommodative for everyday domestic use. As a result, this greatly limits the extent of appreciation for her works as people only get to interact with her designs in galleries and museums.

In conclusion, Zaha Hadid is a formidable, creative, innovative, and motivational professional. She epitomizes design and brings to the fore the power of resilience and hard work. From the numerous awards she has won in consequence of her work, she serves as an example to women architects who aspire for greatness.

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