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Collagen and elastin skin fibers cannot be seen, but they are the essence of healthy skin. The researchers prove that people older than twenty-five are at risk of skin conditions due to the decreased production of the above-mentioned components. The major benefits of micro-needling are predetermined by its simplicity, safety, effectiveness, and minimal invasiveness. It is a great way to increase and stimulate collagen production and an excellent tool for the treatment of multiple cosmetic and dermatologic conditions, as has been revealed in numerous scientific papers. In contrast to ablative laser treatments, chemical peels, and other well-known dermatologic techniques, during the micro-needling session, the epidermis layer is not damaged. As a result, the procedure has short to no recovery downtime, is safe for all skin types, can be repeated safely, and is appropriate for the body areas, where laser treatments and deep peels cannot be performed. Microneedling should be chosen as the safest and most effective antiaging treatment as it has few adverse sequelae compared to chemical peels and resurfacing lasers.

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Clinical and histologic evidence prove that the micro-needling procedure is safe and effective. Throughout history, MNs proved its effectiveness for skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne scars, stiae and laxity (Bonati, Epshtein, & Strugar, 2017). Having been introduced in the 1990s, this therapy has proven its effectiveness and safety (Bonati et al., 2017). Nowadays, micro needling is also used for anti-aging, transdermal drug delivery, and hair disorders (Majid & Sheikh, 2014). Numerous researches prove that it is a promising technology that can be combined with subcision, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other procedures (Majid & Sheikh, 2014). In addition, the fractional CO2 or Er:YAG laser ablation can be used in parallel with MN therapy to strengthen the positive outcomes (Majid & Sheikh, 2014). Some companies offer the home devices for the microneedle therapy. However, the evidence proves that these devices do not provide equally positive results as compared to the professionally conducted procedures. The alternatives offered for the home usage have a number of flaws. The home devices have the duller needles, do not penetrate the skin properly, and fail to provide the good results. Before the procedure, the patient must consult the certified dermatologist. Microneedling outcomes depend on the experience and skills of the therapist. Therefore, it must be conducted by the certified dermatologist at the salon, where the microneedles are sterile and, thus, cannot cause any infection (AAD, 2018). From the histological perspective, one can see that micro-needling is not associated with any negative changes in the dermis. Even though it is an invasive procedure, the needles’ length and diameter is quite small and ranges from 2500µm to 2500 µm (Konike, Knabel, & Olasz, 2017). These needles penetrate the dermis and cause reorganization of the collagen fibers. In fact, it can be viewed as the creation of the tiny wounds that trigger the skin repairing processes (AAD, 2018). As a result, the procedure promotes the formation of the new collagen, elastin, and capillaries in the skin. The difference of the needles lets the dermatologist reach different levels of the skin to provide the best effects for various conditions. The patients’ experiences reveal that the microneedling is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of the skin. Moreover, it is one of the safest ones.

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While the therapy can last 2-6 months, the recovery after the microneedle therapy is quite short-termed and not associated with various side effects (Bonati et al., 2017). It mostly results in mild skin redness. However, this redness lasts only for a few days (AAD, 2018). In some cases, the redness can last for a week. However, this term is the longest one. In the majority of cases, the recovery period lasts for several days. There are some additional post-therapy recommendations, which rarely cause any inconveniences. Among such recommendations, one can point out the necessity to protect skin from the sun after the session or use specific cosmetics to care about the vulnerable skin (AAD, 2018). At the same time, there are no limitations regarding the make-up. The patients can put on a make-up the next day after the procedure, basically, with the very small break. The side effects are reported rarely. Moreover, they are mostly mild and associated with allergies and individual hypersensitivity. Some patients reported such adverse effects as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and allergic granuloma on the facial skin (Bonati et al., 2017). Nevertheless, the low frequency of these adverse effects cannot be the reason to consider the procedure as unsafe. In addition to the previously mentioned effects, microneedling ensures the improved skin condition in the post-therapy period. Being used with vitamins A and C, it thickens the stratum spinosum, which can help epidermis to withstand various negative effects (Bonati et al., 2017). Ultimately, the influence on MN therapy on the skin is mostly positive. It is important that the positive outcomes are observed regardless of the skin type.

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According to the AAD report (2018), microneedling is not accompanied by the delivery of heat. Consequently, it is a good choice for the patients with different skin tones as the risks of pigmentation after the treatment are minimal in contrast to the usage of laser and light procedures (AAD, 2018). For instance, the researchers that compared the MN therapy versus the laser one found out that 13.6% of laser therapy patients suffered from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (Bonati et al., 2017). None of the patients from the group that underwent MN therapy experienced PIH. In contrast to microneedling, laser therapy should be used very carefully on the patients with the dark skin (type IV-VI) (Majid & Sheikh, 2014). Another investigation that has reviewed various types on MN devices such as DermaFrac, Dermaroller, and other modalities proves that all of them are well tolerated by different patients, increase transdermal drugs delivery, and can be used for all skin colors (Iriarte, Awosika, Rengifo-Pardo & Ehrlich, 2017). At the same time, none of the patients experienced the systemic toxicity or changes in the melanocyte number (Iriarte et al., 2017). Moreover, microneedling can also be used to treat the pigmentation disorders. Melasma, vitiligo, and periorbital hyperpigmentation are the examples of the skin diagnoses that can be treated using the microneedling (Iriarte et al., 2017). The therapy can be prescribed to the patients both with the light and dark skin. These and many other pieces of evidence encourage the patients to choose MN as the most cost-effective and potentially safe method to improve the skin defects.

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MN treatment can improve the appearance of the skin with visible pores, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and other conditions. This therapy is relatively new, but cost-effective; it is successfully used for cosmetic rejuvenation, pigmentation, and a great number of skin conditions. The variety of the problems solved by the microneedling is not the only benefit of this practice. It is appropriate for all skin types, has no adverse effects and needs little time for recovery. After such an efficacious treatment, the patient can put on a make-up and live their normal life on the very next day. It is important to entrust the therapy sessions to the professionals and avoid the self-treatment, even though the micro-needling is safe. Nevertheless, being done by the certified dermatologist, microneedling is a much better alternative to laser tretment or any other types of procedures.

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