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Employee Empowerment in a Business Setting

Employee empowerment is a widespread initiative that recognizes the fact that employees are human beings. An employee deserves an appropriate environment to feel free and open to individual ideas and others from outside. This, eventually, accords the employee responsibility and substantial control over their performance and quality of work, which is motivational to them. When employees enjoy full benefits of empowerment, the company achieves the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. This, consequently, improves the company’s relationship with its customer. Thus, employee acts, directly or indirectly, as a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, that enhances service delivery and guarantees value to the customer. Personally, I enjoy visiting shops organizations appear genuinely jovial and free to engage their customers.

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From what I have observed from my peers, it is evident that employees who have work satisfaction take a lead in a work culture attitude. It is also apparent that employee empowerment improves performance and quality of individuals, leading to the general improvement of the entire organization. Besides, customers need friendly employees in order to get total service, which is a critical element of customer satisfaction.

Essentially, employee empowerment is vital since it offers a chance for employees to collaborate with the management in working collectively through challenges and successes of an organization. It encourages full participation at the individual level while fostering collective responsibility through teamwork and sharing of ideas. Modern businesses embrace this concept of employee empowerment. It is restores that feeling of personal relevance within an organization, on the side of employees. Therefore, employee empowerment is current, relevant and necessary for all business settings.

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