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A system administrator is someone who maintains and operates a computer system. It is the administrator’s work to install and configure new hardware and software, support and maintain the computer servers. Other duties include programming, some project management, analyzing system logs, performing backups and performing routine system audits. Nowadays most system administrator tasks are automated using Perl scripts. Some of the automated tasks include: creating new users, resetting passwords and monitoring server security.

There are several ways to run multiple operating systems on one computer. One possible method is by using the VMware workstation software.

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Virtual Routers

The Vyatta router is used to extend a network into virtual architectures by providing virtual router and virtual VPN devices for use in VMware. Vyatta configures virtual networks to meet the same configuration standards used on physical networks. Vyatta to replicates entire data center networks with the virtual technology.

Most people are moving towards virtual routers because they allow for Software-Defined Networking (SDN). SDN allows designing of scale layer 2 (L2) networks rapidly to meet the ever-changing business needs. Vyatta virtual router enables connection to the L2 SDN. SDN is an important building block for cloud computing. The benefit of cloud based data center architecture is the ability to respond to business needs by deploying, computing and storage capacity.

The main difference between a logical router and a virtual router is, logical router configuration activate a new routing daemon in the router while a virtual router does not.

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DevOps is an IT service that emphasizes on the business outcome. DevOps focuses on bringing together development and operations to deliver business outcomes that maximize on production. System administrators now have to see DevOps as a collaboration between the development and operations. Through DevOps, systems handle emergency fixes and rollback. Even for fully automated systems it is preferable to have technology that can handle manual and automated methods. The development should not consider automated systems yet the operations are manual.

In the beginning when computers were first invented there was no difference between development and operations, if you developed something then you automatically operated it. The development and operation started to separate in the ’60s, then later in the ’70s with the arrival of minicomputers, the difference between mainframe operators and users emerged. It is that difference that led to the need of a system administrators. Therefore, even for today’s system administrators operations are still significant. System administrators ought to be operations experts who work closely with development teams to build highly distributed systems.

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Unlike back in the ’90s, it is now impossible to have a development team and an operations teams working in isolation and yet expect maximum efficiency. DevOps is also a culture and professional movement that can motivate the people involved. DevOps emphasizes the need for automation and in order for it to succeed; organization needs a certain level of maturity in the configuration management. The close collaboration of development and operations minimizes the risk about hardware or architecture incompatibility. Development should work on an environment that resembles the production environment. In summary, I believe DevOps is a good thing for IT when understood and implemented properly. I think that DevOps is a great approach for dealing with some issues that have plagued IT organizations.

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