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African-Americans and the Hispanics in the U.S. continue to be extremely affected by HIV and AIDS infection. According to the CDC 2010 report, the estimated rate of new HIV infection among African-Americans and Hispanics/Latinos was 7.9; the rate among the white was 8.7. It was also found that 51% of all the new HIV infections among the African-Americans were attributed to the gay men. Equally, 68% of the new infections among the Hispanics and Latinos were attributed to gay marriage and relationships (CDC, 2010).

Addressing the Problem of HIV at the Population Level

Based on the nursing experience in the community, two contributing factors to the HIV prevalence among the African-Americans, Hispanics, and the Caucasian gays are the lack of information about HIV and the fact that they ignore the warnings when driven by body passions. This can be handled by creating awareness about HIV, its effects, spread, and protective measures. This will be done through conducting trainings on safe sex, importance of undergoing HIV test to know the person’s status as a measure to minimizing HIV virus transmission and to start life-extending treatment for those found HIV positive.

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Interventions for the Problem

Having open discussions with their partners about HIV tests and risk behaviors, talking to everyone about HIV, and knowing the level of CD4 count for the infected in order to prescribe right treatment entry level. Information about stigma in the community that hinders many from seeking testing, treatment, prevention services, and the support they need (CDC, 2012). Other segments of the community should be involved in the development of the intervention educational institutions, places of worship, and work places. Educational institutions will enhance the training of the students on HIV, worship and work places will worn and hold meetings on the effects of HIV and the way how to avoid and control it.


The rate of HIV infections is higher among the African-Americans, the Hispanics, and the white population in the U.S in that order. It is important that community nurses put in place intervention measures.