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I am writing in response to “Focusing on Education, With an Eye on the Voters”, published on September 21, 2012. Teachers play an important role in our society; thus, I support the legislation of raising educator’s wage.

Teachers’ salaries tend to have negligible increases wherein these people are the major contributing factor in child’s education. It should be the occupation with the highest pay, to my mind. Teaching is the noble profession which plays great responsibilities in nation building through feeding the hungry minds of the youth. They produce different professionals that our country needs in uplifting our economy toward progress. Because of the dedication of teachers in leaving a legacy, they even invest their personal time, energy and resources. Sometimes teaching may mean disappointments, heartaches and pains.

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With that, I firmly hold the idea of allotting more budgets in this sector. Teachers are not asking for more, but as a concern citizen, I would want to express my debt of gratitude to my teachers, who were the source of my knowledge and taught me to identify myself. As a payment to all their sacrifices, touching the hearts of people and opening the minds of children, I am giving my vote to Mr. X’s proposal of making this profession as one of the highest pay.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,


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