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Girl Writing Essay

Have you ever considered taking part in an essay contest? Have you ever imagined winning essay contests?

The following writing essay tips will help you to forget about all your fears and worries and actually become a winner of an essay contest.

  1. Thoroughly Read the Rules of an Essay Contest
    • Make sure that you read the essay contest rules thoroughly so that you don’t overlook any small detail. It is absolutely crucial to follow each rule, since you might lose a chance to win the contest regardless of how good your essay is. Thus, pay special attention to the contest’s theme, word or character count, and any other essay requirements.
  2. Brainstorm Essay Ideas
    • Before you start your essay, it is highly recommended to brainstorm several major ideas that are absolutely different from each other. This is Because your first impulse is not usually the best one. They say, it is also great thing is to make the theme personal so that you can write about it from different angles. Remember that the more ideas you have, the better.
  3. Select the Most Suitable Essay Concept With Regard to the Contest’s Theme and Sponsor
    • Once you have come up with ideas, pick the one you want to develop. Before making the final decision, think what idea might be the most appealing to the essay contest’s sponsor. Most importantly, make sure that your concept perfectly fits the sponsor’s company image.
  4. Start Your Essay with a Good Hook
    • The first sentence of any essay is the most important in terms of grabbing attention. Thus, spend enough time to write it. This sentence must be powerful, moving, intriguing, or hilarious if you want to hook your reader’s interest. This way, you will undoubtedly stick in the memory of judges when it is time to choose the winner.
  5. Write the First Draft
    • Once you have brainstormed and come up with the first sentence, start writing the first draft of your winning essay. While writing it, don’t worry about the mistakes or word count, since you can always make changes. It is essential to focus on your ideas and develop them properly. Polishing and correcting your essay will come later.
  6. Revise Your Essay for Organization and Flow
    • When you are have written your first draft, you should look it over in order to ensure that it flows smoothly. Your points should be clear and well-made, while your thoughts should flow nicely from one point to another. It is also a good idea to read your essay aloud to make sure it sounds good.
  7. Put Your Essay Aside
    • Once you have polished the first draft of your essay, it is strongly recommended to put it aside for a little while. This way, you have enough time to mull over your ideas and, probably, add something. You can also ask someone to check your spelling and grammar so that there are no mistakes in your essay.

Follow these tips one at a time, and then submit your essay to the contest. I keep my fingers crossed for your victory.

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