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Girl Writing Hook for College Essay

Lately, we have discovered the importance of a chosen topic and telling a good story throughout an essay. This time, we are going to answer the question:

“How to write the best hook for college essay?”

A couple of years ago, Stanford University published examples of the most unique and captivating ways to start your essay made by students admitted for the Class of 2012.

Here’s what they look like:

  • I almost didn’t live through September 11th, 2001.
  • When I was eight, I completely shocked my relatives and our town archaeologist by founding a 3,500 years old artifact.
  • I couldn’t read while I was in eighth grade.
  • Cancer tried to fight me, but I won the fight.
  • I keep changing my name each time I place an order at Starbucks.

Make Them Curious

Do you think that a reader will read further after your first line? Is the beginning interesting enough to swallow his or her attention completely? Here are some examples of how to get started with your essay, developed by my students.

1. A Nice Visual Background

Once, I was lying on the sandy beach under the hot sun with my eyes closed. I was taking breaths of fresh and humid air when abruptly someone dropped a shadow on me. I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful silhouette of a girl preparing to enjoy her sunny day. That moment I realized it was love at first sight…


This student described his real experience of falling in love at the beginning of his essay. Details gave a great visual impact on a reader so he is hooked and ready to read what author is going to tell him next.

2. Be Comical (but know the measure)

‘Did you hear about kidnapping?’ I asked my mom. ‘Ermm, probably not, he is still sleeping.’ She responded. She probably didn’t get what I wanted from her. Anyway, let’s talk how to be secure from being kidnapped.


This student used a bit of humor to involve the admission officer into reading her essay. The topic is rather serious, but the humor makes it even more interesting to read.

3. Think Outside The Box

Sometimes, I look at someone’s elegant and graceful cursive and then at my doodles in the copybook. Unfortunately, I can’t do more than just be jealous about those smoothly moving pen creating equally inspiring marks on the page…


This student already had an advantage by picking an unusual topic for her college essay. Who would ever think about an essay about calligraphy? Having an “outside of the box” essay can hook admission officer and make them curious how you would extend your idea.

Remember that admission officer reads lots of essays a day. The amount can even be more than 50. That’s why you need to make such a great and interesting beginning that it can be easily distinguished among all others.

Hope these writing tips will help you in your efforts.

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