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I look forward to gaining a degree in biology and I am going to specialize in molecular and cell biology. The purpose of doing so is to enable me to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming an oncologist. This is a true fact that many people pass away daily because of cancer, and one of my dreams is helping people in getting better and fighting the awful disease.

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When I studied back in my country, I majored in mathematics and physics, but I had a feeling that it was not the major which I enjoyed and it was not chosen based on my interests. During my sophomore year at high school the school provided a major for everyone based on our grades and they have chosen physics for me. At that time I was so unconfident of what I really liked and wanted and since I was good at physics I decided that could be a great major for me. However, when I moved to the United States, I learned that one of my best friends was ill with leukemia, so I visited her a lot and spent hours at the hospital, and also brainstormed this issue a lot which led me to a conclusion that I was really more interested in this field. As the time passed, I continued exploring this field and my interest was growing till it finally reached the point when I realized I had to study biology; however my knowledge at the moment was not good enough to comprehend all the topics and specialties it included to. I decided to get better in this area and took a few biology courses at West Valley College.

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During my biology course lab classes I learned using the microscope for identification of shape and different types of cells. Learning the construction of our body cells was amazing, especially following the process of egg fertilizing when a single cell is times smaller than the period at the end of the sentence. Due to multiplication two cells turn into four, four become eight and so on. With the growth and multiplication of cells they undertake special functions that fall under four different categories, and they continue working simultaneously to enable the human body to live. Separate cells cannot exist or function individually, and any sort of malfunction of one part affects the rest of the whole system.

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Whenever I get a free minute I go online and browse the Web looking for any new information on the processes and cycles of living organisms, as well as their reproduction, and I always find new information to analyze and percept. One of the main reasons I want to become an oncologist is the fact that people of this profession serve two key goals: they provide treatment to their patients and also monitor the entire treatment process. Moreover, oncology as a science underwent significant shifts of its entire paradigm.

I believe that successful studying of this major and gaining a degree would enable me to help other people directly and indirectly. I believe that my hard work and dedication would also allow me to contribute to the field of biology and bring in new findings and innovations to the medical world. I am confident that the University of California is a kind of school where I can grow as a professional and expert, gain more experience needed in my field, and live a decent life of a good citizen.

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