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One of my biggest dream in life is to be a graduate from a university in America, majoring in business administration; my childhood life took a different direction that acted as a hindrance to my dream. The journey to my dream has had many challenges, I am a third child in a family of three, I was born on July 7 th, 1993, I attended my middle school and I was admitted to a reputable American high school in Egypt. Unlike any other child, I was very fat with a big belly and I weighed 230 pounds, my classmates scorn me and intimidate me. This condition affected me very much and I become an introvert. I had to develop measures to reduce my weight to try regain my confidence. With determination, I was able to slim and I adopted a body like that of my age mates. I went on with body building exercises until I gained confidence, everybody cheered, complimented me and some appreciated my determination. Being slim was my first thing to have accomplished in my life. I regained my confidence fully, ever body wanted to be associated with me and not to mention I had earned respect to most women of my age. Despite being introduced to English at the age of nine, I managed to get a score of 1780 in the STA, in high school I did better than almost all my peers did, I had a GPA of 3.9. I was given a scholarship to an American university in Cairo.

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The unexpected happened two weeks before my first semester exams, I was kidnapped and I lost my car was stolen, despite that I managed to raise my GPA from 2.35 to 3.255; my passion now is to show my ability to major in marketing. Unfortunately, the more I try the more the marketing GPA is raised. For me to cover up, I had to take more elective to try raise my GPA it has turned to that the more electives one take the harder it becomes to maintain a good GPA. In my second semester, things did not go as I expected, one of my professors accused me of plagiarism. I got an F in that course, after presenting my case to the authorities of my school, I was exonerated from the accusation, to date I do not understand how I got a B- while I had A’s in the whole coursework. I am working very had with determination to improve my GPA to 3.4, to transfer to a marketing class from accounting.

My life in this university has given me many challenges, but I believe the challenges are meant to harden me and to motivate me to work harder. I have come to learn that, with hard work, I will meet my dream; this has been my driving force that has kept me going. In fact, development of business field in the world gives me more hopes to be there. Technology wise the business world has grown, I have kept myself informed with the current trend in business.

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I have travelled to UCLA where I took two courses; I really liked the experience of being in another country. In fact, the experience made me think of transferring to the United States to continue with my academic there. My wish is to be in a place where my opinion counts, in my current university learners, are not appreciated. If one needs advice, they are wrongly advised because there is no career advice office. When it comes to registering of courses, learners have a difficult moment, they do not know which courses to register and where.

I strongly believe I will not die before I achieve my dream. As Mahatma Gandhi said, `live as you were to die tomorrow and learn as you to live forever,’ I will keep on working hard to raise my GPA to win myself a major in marketing. Achieving my dream will make me successful and make my name a respectable one in my society and the world at large.

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