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As it is widely known among the psychologists, students of psychological faculties and those people, who are at least slightly interested in peculiarities of human personality, during the last decades, narcissism has become the most widely spread personality disorder among people of different age. One of the things, which increases the percentage rate of this disorder, is that one fifth of people, who have some other personality disorders, possess the signs of narcissism (Whitbourne et al. 153). In order to find the ways to treat the problem, it is important to find out the concomitant factors, which favor the development of this disorder. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the modern Western society, it is essential to mark out the development of high technologies, internet, general permissiveness and downfall of the ethical values. All this is manifested in everyday life, on TV, advertisements, journals.

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Although the minds of adults are formed and strong, the unstable minds of children and adults appear to be the most vulnerable. Therefore, the primarily layer of the population, which needs to be limited from the possible negative examples of egotistical, arrogant, entitled, grandiose behavior, is the young generation. In his book The Narcissism Epidemic, Jean Twengehas provided numerous examples of how the narcissist psychological disorder is developing in the modern world: living beyond the means, hiring fake paparazzi, posting violent videos with their participation in order to focus people attention on how special they are etc. (Twenge et al. 3-200 ). Of course, there exist inoffensive manifestations of individuals’ narcissism, but more or less they all are harmful for the general development of the society as it diverts it from development in the correct direction. The main problem for such narcissism epidemics is that all individuals cannot be in the center, constantly praised, superior to others. Hence the consequences are depression proneness, substance abuse, paranoia, and, therefore, lowering the welfare of the whole nation.

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To sum it up, the narcissism can be regarded as a psychological disorder because of the individuals’ constant aggravated feeling of superiority over others. Such peculiarity is the result of the complex of factors: “lessons” of the parents, mass media, and advertisements. Therefore, putting business-oriented values and purposes of the society prior to ethics and morality becomes the main factor, which needs to be considered as contributing to this problem.

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