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Dear Sir,


Hello sir, how have you been? Hope you are doing well. This is your friend, Tom, from Hult School of aviation. I was in charge of the team from the institution that visited the airport in October. I am writing this letter to give my appreciation for the services that you rendered to us during that day.

I kindly take this time to thank you for overseeing our activities in Madison Airport. It was through you that we were able to access the facility. You took your time and offered us all the information we required. Taking us through the airport was a kind gesture from you. I know it was not an easy task for you, but you still took the time to be with us. It is eminent that we could not have achieved most of our targets and expectations without you. Your information was in superb details. It has helped us carry on our project exceptionally well. You are such a kind man whom we would like to work with in future.

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In addition, I also wish to inform you that the students highly enjoyed your services as the tour guide, and the clarity with which you explained most of the programs and activities in the airport. Indeed, you played a remarkable role in facilitating the achievement of the predetermined objectives of our tour to the airport. I hope that you also enjoyed the company of our team. We hope that you will be available to offer similar services to us when we have such a visit to the airport again.

Thank you once more for your kind support to our institution. The entire team is undoubtedly grateful for your support.

Yours Faithfully