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Nowadays high technologies are among the amenities of modern life. On the one hand, this state of things is considered to be a positive phenomenon since all sorts of technologies (sophisticated software, wireless networks and other incomprehensible to ordinary people things) are created solely for the purpose of simplifying and improving the everyday life of humanity. On the other hand, all complicated devices and gadgets require lots of efforts and time in order to have a knack at handling these tools. This does not make people’s life easier.

It should not go unspoken that the development of modern technology is a challenging process. However, the vast number of experts in various fields invents more than ever new faculties which have to inure to the benefit of humanity. In spite of all drawbacks, high technology helps to solve many problems and significantly enhances the ability of each person and humanity in general. Changes in the economic and social structure of human civilizations are interrelated to the new inventions, which eventually involve certain technology.

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The notion “technology” includes both broader and narrower meanings. This notion embraces not only equipment and facilities in medicine, education, military, mass media, and other fields but also technique of thinking, learning, painting, and dancing. High technology provides maximum effect in terms of expenditure of energy and time. This statement especially refers to the modern technology. Moreover, at our time, technology is even considered to be the art of transforming some things into the others, such as the conversion of oil into gasoline (Arthur 110).

There are several main technologies that characterize the state of human society at present time. One of the main problems of modern humanity is a search for additional energy sources and the need to transition to an entirely new technology that can work off some alternative types of fuel, instead of natural gas or petroleum products. That is why the technology that operates from solar and wind power becomes more widely used all over the world.

Some cities obtained life-threatening status due to emissions. Electric vehicles are the vivid examples of modern technology that are becoming a popular choice among consumers. Despite high cost of hybrid engines, these devices significantly minimize the pollution of the surrounding environment and save money.

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Nowadays the level of electronics development allows scientists to combine several multifunctional tools into one device. The concept was taken as a basis during the creation process of a smart phone. This device is considered to be a mini-computer with the appearance of a cell phone. The first models appeared a few years ago. Today, the boundary between cell phones and smart phones are becoming more and more blurred. In fact, almost all new phones are smart phones.

These devices become more powerful every year. It is expected that they will change, entirely in years to come. Smart phones will be able to recognize the owners by fingerprints or iris-scanning. This technology will protect the smart phone from an unauthorized access. In a day or two, built-in projector will be a common feature of the smart phone, as well as the built-in camera today.

Computer technologies captured a principle place in all fields of life. Modern society cannot go without a computer. It is a working tool, a means of communication and entertainment (Arthur 250). Nowadays people receive lots of information on the Internet, which substitute books, newspapers, magazines, and television. Moreover, people can stay at home and provide themselves with everything necessary for life, by means of one-click shopping.

In addition, the computer very quickly transformed from a huge machine into a portable system that can be easily accommodated in portfolio and provide a person with the necessary information at a speed measured in seconds. Visual reporting of data is more often carried out through holographic technology. Touch-screen technology seemed to be something fantastic and unreal only a few decades ago. However, today every second resident of a large city has got high-tech gadgets.

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Sensors are also modern technology advancement that enables faster response to external stimuli. It may reduce mortality. For example, sensors that continuously monitor body functions, such as heart rate, blood oxygen and blood sugar levels can identify the danger timely and, if necessary, call an ambulance.

Data communication network expands precipitately, due to the improvement of computer technologies. This is the third major trend of technological development. Modern facilities allow humanity to reach out to any data from any spot on Earth. Besides, many important decisions are made at a distance thanks to the modern telecommunication systems. In other words, almost all high-tech gadgets eventually change the status of highly-priced luxury items into common things to be used. The same can be said about television. Satellite television drove out the previous system of cable transmission.

Most interesting area of modern technology is considered to be a robotic technology. Age-long dream of mankind approaches its logical end. High-tech mechanisms have replaced manual labor at the numerous factories and plants. Robots are widely used for the purposes of lifting at mines or means of enemy sighting. Robot-cleaners relieve people of the duty of doing daily chores. Robotic technology is well developed in Japan. It is the leading country in this field. Japanese engineers have created the first prototypes of robot-nannies, robot-waiters and robot-drivers (Angelo 118).

Humanity significantly improves productivity and achieves a new level of efficiency with the help of robots. These mechanisms do not eat or sleep and can work around the clock. They do not know what fatigue and laziness are. As a result, people are able to implement their decisions much faster.

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Waste recycling technology serves as the means to reuse consumer waste or rubbish. Secondary and tertiary waste recycling is widely used. Glass, paper, asphalt, iron, and various kinds of plastic are the materials that can be subjected to waste recycling. This technology is a vital need of mankind since some resources on Earth are limited and others are non-renewable.

Genetic engineering also belongs to the most prominent technology of our time. Researches and discoveries in the field of human genetics open an opportunity of creating a “map of the human genome” It helps to establish the location of genes responsible for the hereditary diseases. Genetic testing and genetic futurology are the basis of revolutionary change in medicine. The high technology is able to identify the diseases which a person can face prior to the birth.

In addition, cloning technology promises to extend human life thanks to the creation of new drugs, proteins and other nutrients. This technology deserves public support and funding. However, it has major drawbacks. Technical cloning of human cells may lead to the abuse of this technology. It can be used for the purpose of commercialization. In other words, children produced by means of cloning may be conducted with the aim of obtaining “spare parts” or creating a “higher class” of human beings.

Biometrics is the most advanced information identification technology that grows rapidly in this day and age. Biometric solutions are rapidly gaining popularity in a variety of fields. This technology is applied to the process of identity check and in education, health, financial and payment systems. Reliability, safety and efficiency of biometrics allow scientists to refer it to the trendsetting technology (Puglice 29).

In a broad sense, biometrics is the measurements of unique physical and/or behavioral characteristics of an individual. In a narrow sense, biometrics is a system of automatic identification of a person’s identity that is based on the analysis of unique biometric parameters. The most common biometric technology is identification by fingerprints. This technology dominates the market. It absorbed all the achievements of biometrics and occupies a leading position.

Technology development is directed towards the creation of more powerful, quick, and sophisticated mechanisms. Nowadays technological progress almost reached its potential thanks to nanotechnologies. Machines of the size of the molecule are extremely strong, fast and ergonomic. Molecular nanotechnology offers golden opportunities. In addition, nanotechnology, in combination with other core technologies of the 21st century, allows humanity to create artificial atoms, atomic structure and program a substance at the atomic level, as well as carry out the atomic-molecular assembly of a variety of substances.

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Nanotechnology is focused on the creation of different types of surrogate substances. Quantum dots and quantum lattice are examples of the surrogate material. Nature does not create material structures of this kind. That is why so called structures are estimated as artificial, synthetic surrogate. Structures are called so not only because they are created by man, but also because a person can program their properties, interaction and conduct (Puglice 93).

Nowadays people live in the world, which is called the world of modern, cutting-edge technologies. This fact is evident due to the fast development of new technological innovations aimed at improving the lives of humanity. Besides, the improvement of existing equipment promotes the further development of high technology. Creation and introduction of the innovative technology is a very interesting area of human activity as there is no limit to perfection.

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