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Staffing Models

Accurate staffing is one of the most important elements for small businesses as it helps them to maximize their efficiency by making sure that they contain the right personnel having the relevant skills. Being the human resource manager of an expanding technology company, one of the staffing models that I would use would be the staffing quantity levels. The reason why I prefer this model is that it would enable me to find a balance between understaffing and overstaffing. This balance would be attained when I match the staffing requirements with the projected staff ability. The next staffing model that I would use is the job or person match. Using this model, I would be able to match the personalities and talents that employees have with the job specific requirements.

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In terms of affecting the processes going on within the company, the staffing model that I find more beneficial to the company is the job match model. For instance, when dealing with the consultancy firms, the company would benefit more if it were to let a staff member who possesses negotiation skills to deal with the consultancy firms. Besides, using the job match model would ensure that the company hires people who have the abilities and skills necessary to operate in a particular department or handle a specific instruction. Therefore, getting the right people for a job position means that the company will have good results from its workers.

The other advantage of using the job match model is that it would be easy for the company to get workers as it already has a plan or idea of the people whom it wants (Bratton & Gold, 2000). There are organizations who keep on changing their workforce after realizing that some of the workers that they have do not produce the required results. The use of the job match model would ensure that I, being the human resource manager, hire people whose abilities and skills are beneficial to the organization.

Legal Issues and Staff Transparency

During the recruitment drive, one of the major legal issues that I may encounter is that of having to come up with good contracts for the people who will be qualified to join the company (Bratton & Gold, 2000). The contract should be binding as any bleach made on it could lead to serious problems for the company. With this in mind, the company should give the selected persons a reasonable contract for it to avoid confrontations with labor unions. For instance, the company faces a threat of being taken to the court if it gives a person the unfavorable terms of engagement.

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Transparency and trust are popular in the modern day workplace as the workers want to have clarity of thought. Through transparency, employees are aware of the things that are real and true, and, therefore, I need to develop a method that would assist me to achieve transparency within my working model. The method that I would use to help attain transparency within the working model is the holding of regular staff meetings where I would give them a regular update on the things that are happening in the company.

The regular updates given to the workers regarding the progress of the company would be one of the ways to ensure transparency. For instance, I would set aside one day of the month to give the workers an update on the events going on. During the day set aside, I would inform the workers about their achievements within that month and inform them about strides made by the company. If the company has been able to secure a new client in the course of the month, I will let the workers know that.

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Developing Job Requirements

Having been awarded a contract to build and supply remote surveillance cameras to various government agencies, it is clear that the company needs to add up to the number of existing workers for it to be able to fulfill its contract obligation. It is evident that the company requires ten additional assembly technicians, one office support paraprofessional, 1 certified Quality Control Engineer and Contract Administrator.

Since the company is dealing with contracts made with other parties, it is important that it hires one contract administrator. One of his/her responsibilities would be to oversee how contracts were being developed between our company and the clients. He/she would be required to negotiate terms of the contract on behalf of the firm (Bratton & Gold, 2000). In addition, he/she would be required to maintain an audit file for all the contracts that the company would get into during his/her tenure. The person best suited for the position of a contract administrator would be required to have a Master’s degree in information technology and not less than five years job experience.

The other group of people that the company intends to hire is the assembly technicians. Since the company won a contract requiring it to build and supply government agencies with surveillance cameras, one of the major responsibilities that the assembly technicians will have would be the production of these cameras. The assembly technicians would also be required to develop test procedures to be used during the production process to ensure that the surveillance cameras are of the best quality. Lastly, the assembly technicians will be required to monitor the functionality of the surveillance cameras while reporting the problems to the supervisor. For a person to be hired to work as an assembly technician, he/she first needs to have good communication skills (Bratton & Gold, 2000). Besides, he/she needs to have at least a high school diploma. Several years experience in making cameras would be an additional advantage to job applicants.

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The person employed in the position of a certified Quality Control Engineer needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the related engineering field. In addition, he/she is required to have a voluntary CQE certification. Some of the skills that he/she should possess include interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems and good organization skills. The major responsibility that the certified Quality Control Engineer would have is to apply all the necessary methods to establish defective products being made by the assembly technicians.

Lastly, the company wants to hire an office support paraprofessional. The person who gets hired as the office support paraprofessional, is required to give any form of assistance to the members of the staff. In addition, he/she will be required to ensure that there is an effective customer service. The work of the office support paraprofessional would ensure that things in the company run smoothly (Bratton & Gold, 2000). As for the qualifications, he/she is supposed to possess critical thinking skills and good communication skills. Most importantly, a person should show his/her ability to take initiatives.

On the issue of reviewing and adjusting the job descriptions, I intend to make these reviews when there is a job opening, that is, I will be making reviews on a job only when a person quits or is fired from the job. Making reviews at this time would make me hire the most suited candidate for the job position at that particular time.

Dealing with High Employee Turnover

For a project of such magnitude, it is important that the company keeps hold of the workers engaging in making it happen. There is a high possibility that the project might go off the rails if employee keep quitting (Branham, 2012). One of the ways of dealing with the high turnover rate of employees is determining the cause of this turnover. For instance, I could ask the quitting employees the reason behind their decision. With knowledge of the factors leading to the turnover, it would be easier for the company to deal with it.

The other way of dealing with employee turnover is listening to the complaints of the current employees. It is prudent to get the employee’s opinion regarding the turnover happening at the company. It is important to note that many workers tend to feel slowed down by the turnover occurring at their places of work and, thus, lack the proper motivation to work.

Providing people with the best working conditions and offering good compensating packages in the market is the last way in which the company can deal with employee turnover. Good pay and better working conditions tend to make employees not contemplate leaving their current workplaces as not many places can offer such things.

A successive plan would be highly beneficial to the company. One of the reasons for this is that it would be able to identify and place the best candidates in various categories within the company. The other reason is that it helps to develop a potential successor, from within the company, who would ensure that the company continued to achieve its goals (Rothwell, 2010). Most importantly, the succession planning is helpful for the identification of the best-placed candidates for the numerous job positions at the company. Placing people in job positions that match their ability helps increase their productivity.

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