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TO: Supervisor and Manager



SUBJECT: Self-Evaluation

In consideration of the team’s comments and ratings, as well as my personal self-evaluation, I present what I deem as the eminent differences existing, and the plans I intend to take for better performance.

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The team’s response on my job skills proves that I am well placed to handle my tasks. They believe that I have the necessary skills required and, at times, even surpass the basics. I am convinced that the experience I have gained in my current occupation and those in the past gives me an advantage over others. The team values my level of productivity as it meets or goes beyond the set targets. I think that they did not consider my current performance as it exceeds job requirements in all areas and, therefore, needs more credit on that. Even though the team feels I need to improve my communication skills, I am proficient in using computer software such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. However, I think I apply richer vocabulary in writing than speaking.

Organization is fundamental to success of a team, and I appreciate the comments and ratings of other team members. I always prioritize my work, but I hope they will also emulate my desire to excel as some of them are free riders. I attend all team meetings and share my perceptions on the eminent issues at hand. I concur with the ratings by the team, but I am sure that I deserve extra credits for my efforts. Responsibility is a common goal in the team. However, it is collective work, and I think the ratings given apply to the whole team. In terms of initiative, my ideas and innovations have put the team at its current position. The group’s success counts on me. It may sound mean, but I deserve accolades on this one. Leadership is God given. I am not average, and the ratings do not clearly elucidate my abilities.

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Comments and ratings by one’s team on his or her performance holds a better evaluation ground than individual evaluation. I take their comments positively, and there are several areas I will improve in as a person. Planning is essential for an excellent time management. I will prioritize tasks basing on urgency and the significance they may hold. I will also present my schedule of work to the team members on a weekly basis to allow them to plan according to it. This will minimize the amount of conflicts that may arise due to failure to plan. Assigning of work should be equal and fair in the team. Heavy work load may affect one’s performance and lead to late submissions. I will always assess my work load in terms of my ability to tackle the objectives and time allocated. I will not rush into handling tasks that I am not well suited for. This means I will embrace professionalism at all levels. Good communication is essential to quality work. The levels and forms of communication should be put under consideration at all times. The team deems my standards of communication as below par. Therefore, I will enroll for a short course in communication. This will entail writing, verbal, technical and non-technical skills in communication. I believe this will give me immense expertise in this field, hence excellent service to the team.

I value the comments and ratings brought forward by other team members. I am firmly convinced that if I work on my shortcomings, I will improve on the individual as well as the team’s level. I will always strive for the best results of my team as I stand to gain a lot.

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