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1). How did you meet with John?

For the first time we met at the interview 5 years ago, when he aspired to the position of an associate at Markit Group in White Plains office in New York City. Now I am a Vice President of this company.

Did you collaborate together?

We were working on two projects together during 15 months. We developed our professional relationships, designing the interfacing application.

What role did he perform?

He gained technical expertise on BondHub system generating data. The system was published by global banks and third parties that were occupied in free access and storage of bonds. We increased our knowledge of this system, influencing on our studies and experiences.

How can you describe John?

He is dedicated and qualitative employer. John always met his deadlines, performed his working duties successfully, and gave his own views in a discussion to the cooperative environment at Markit Group Company.

Does he work at present moment in Markit Group Company?

No, he does not. He was a previous worker at the Company.

What has happened?

John left his job from Markit Group Company in December 2008 during the economic and business decline of the company.

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Did you have friendly relations during cooperation at Markit Group Company?

Absolutely, we became close friends.

Do you keep in touch with John?

Yes, we constantly keep in touch via phone or email. Also, I call him in personal and professional matter, as well, when I need his assistance and consultation in business sphere.

2). How did John distinguished from other workers?

He was a leader of four colleagues in one team in Markit Group Company. He immediately demonstrated his professional skills on software design. The peer group ranked him highly. Vice President praised his group giving an excellent feedback to his team. Besides, he proved personal leading qualities, performing challenging tasks; he solved problems quickly and easily.

What do you know about history of Markit Group Company?

Markit Group Company was acquired previously by Communicator Inc. Company, where located the White Plains office, actually where we worked. The engineers who worked on Reports of Bondhub system took all important information on it, and left nothing instantly after acquiring the process.

What was the problem about?

BondHub system was in bad working condition, and system Reports were out of order for 3 months, generating no revenue from Bondhub Reports. Besides, the hired worker was unqualified in fixing of reporting system. Though, the system generated Reports manually and clients were satisfied with their requests.

How did he help to the company?

John learned the shell script and fixed the system in short terms, having no prior experience in it. He renewed the Reports system. Furthermore, he taught an obliged administrator how to work with the system. Performing challenging tasks, he helped to the company very much.

Did the company achieved success?

Surely, clients were satisfied with BondHub reports, and that is all due to his work. Ashish became well-qualified individual expert, gaining popularity with customer support team.

3). Did Ashish suffer from failures at work?

At the beginning John was not a success at the team meeting in the user interface design of a new product of the company. Members of technical teams and stakeholders had better ideas than John. He suffered at this point very much.

Did he propose different idea?

Yes. He overdid his own opinion concerning the outsourcing of UI, forcing his own decision so much that they decided not to invite him to any future meetings of the company. John pointed out that creativity of the graphics design will increase the total cost of product development in a way of hindering creativity.

Did you give him constructive feedback?

I, as a VP of Markit Group Company, explained him about his mistakes at the meeting and told him what he did wrong. He understood me, accepted all my critical comments with dignity, and asked me for professional advice. I recommended him to change his style of presentation in a way of conveying the information to stakeholders, giving own arguments on fundamental conclusions. He should present all pros and cons in own option during the meeting, not to force things, giving to stakeholders’ possibility to judge him.

Did it succeed?


How did he accept your advice?

John accepted my feedback in positive way.

Did he accept response of his co-workers?

Yes. He admitted other opinions of his colleagues at the meetings, helping them to think thoroughly.

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4). Could you tell us additional information concerning John personal qualities?

He is a smart organizer, possesses knowledge of investment, promoting the development of the company. John performed the challenging tasks, learned quickly unknown information, and interacted with colleagues. He is a good team player. People like to work with him. He is helpful to clients and responsible for his needs.

Can you name traits that distinguish John from other workers?

He is always opened to the new opinions, and has a lot of extraordinary decisions. He accepts critical remarks in a proper manner.

In which way his personal qualities can be opened?

John’s personal qualities can be opened through assistance in facilitating programs. He possesses qualities of organizational behavior, and that helps him easily communicate with co-workers.

How do you think these qualities can be helpful to the MBA Admissions Board?

He will study MBA program eagerly, and deepen own knowledge on leadership experience.

Is he a coveted candidate for any top business school? Yes, he is a unique candidate, ready to accept challenges, performing assigned tasks. He is erudite, having profound knowledge in management and finance. I think, he is a suitable candidate for a business school.

How do you think MBA program will be helpful for John?

His knowledge could be focused on more specialized spheres of business, such as accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, and many others for performing the short-term and long-term goals.

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