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Recommendation Letter for Yinka Agbi

As a co-founder and the Vice President of Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority Incorporated, I have worked together with Yinka Agbi on chapter and national levels. Yinka is a co-founder and currently our National Executive treasurer. On a chapter level, Yinka and I worked closely to successfully establish a chapter at Arizona State University. During that time, we have developed great working relationships built on trust and respect for one another. Partnering with the other founders on a national scale, Yinka proved herself to be an innovative, reliable, and efficient team player. The aforementioned qualities have played a significant role in the founding and development of our sorority.

In the role of Executive Treasurer and Chair of the Fundraising committee she successfully maintained a detail-oriented focus professionally handling all responsibilities. Beyond the assigned roles, Yinka has willingly assisted other committees such as the Philanthropic, the History, and Communications committees. Yinka Agbi has provided comprehensive support with creating new programs, planning events, and initiating continuous improvement strategies. She has also chaired two out of three sorority National Conventions and coordinated fundraising events that required a great level of research and planning.

Yinka is also effective when it comes to financial decision-making. She enjoys reviewing, analyzing, and synthesizing important financial information, which assists our executive board in making important decisions. Her great presentation skills are demonstrated in her ability to effectively present financial data to our sorority members who lack the know-how to interpret such information.

Yinka has the ability to efficiently prioritize and manage her day-to-day responsibilities with maximum productivity. She has developed and implemented many of the sorority’s National programs including the College Think -T.A.Y.N.K. (The Africa You Never Knew). This program contributed in educating campus communities about the African experience. As a student, Yinka observed a knowledge gap at Arizona State University regarding the true culture and challenges of continental Africans, while identifying the opportunity to fill in this gap by creating the platform for discussion of pertinent issues surrounding Africa’s development. Yinka has also developed the monthly sorority seminar program, which resulted in a forum for all members of the organization to generate new ideas, interact with non-profit leaders in Africa, and establish working relationships with them. She has successfully led several of the organization’s fundraising campaigns including the Eritrean Women’s Health project, Books for Africa program, the Haiti project, etc.

Yinka’s leadership skills along with the continuous drive for improvement are what make her different from other organization members. She is one of the most active members in our organization as well as a go-to person for many other members. Since Yinka Agbi possesses great abilities to both generate new ideas and implement them people are willing to come and have her advice regarding how to successfully implement specific initiatives. She also does a distinctive job of identifying and resolving unmet needs within the sorority even if they are out of the scope of her specific duties. Her passion towards non-profit endeavors is remarkable and contagious.

As a new organization, we initially did not have the man power to successfully handle the numerous tasks and responsibilities we had to cope with. In 2009 Yinka has started graduate school; she was teaching accounting classes at ASU and was also a part of the graduate advisory board. Yinka had a wide range of sorority tasks and responsibilities on her shoulders at that time. She was one of those people that took up additional responsibilities when she had realized that needs haven’t not been met. That contributed greatly to the growth of the sorority but I realized the effects were becoming detrimental for her work-life balance.

I thereby alerted Yinka to this issue, pointing out that her workload needed to be made lighter; otherwise she would ran the risk of being burned out very quickly. I recommended that she would devise an approach that would attract new members to be involved in the sorority’s National tasks; thus, reducing her own workload.

Yinka positively responded to my feedback and as evidence she has built a strong finance committee of four members, suggested and implemented the creation of the new national roles to fill in the existing gaps. She has developed and shared specific, measurable, and attainable goals, while delegating tasks and high impact opportunities that empowered her team. The team thereby was able to achieve a lot more than she had been able to achieve on her own. This new approach has significantly reduced Yinka’s workload and allowed her to optimize her strengths within her core responsibilities.

As a new organization we have faced a lot of challenges. In fact, we still do and we always need to search effective ways to successfully handle them. With her innovative approach Yinka always has new ideas to help improve the sorority as she effectively analyzes problems and develops feasible plans for improvement. She actively “talks the talk and walks the walk”. As an optimistic and vibrant individual, she is caring and team-oriented in her personal and professional approach.

As one of the few members with a business background, Yinka served as a go-to person whose smart business decisions were crucially important. Furthermore, Yinka Agbi empowered our members and always recognized the efforts of her team members. She successfully planned an award ceremony at our National Convention as a show of appreciation for members and committees that demonstrated great performance that year.

Our sorority is growing and has great potential for development although we lack some of the tools to get there. With an MBA from the HBS, Yinka will be equipped to bring new skill sets and best practices to our organization.

I have a deep sense of respect and admiration for Yinka Agbi as a sorority sister, friend, and professional. She is a highly motivated person that loves to learn and has a great commitment to excellence. She adds value to the things she works on always leaving a positive impression. She can offer her personal drive and skills to Harvard and I strongly recommend her for a place in your program.

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