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The majority of the toothpaste used in today’s world puts at risk the health of teeth by leaving behind bacteria rather than destroying them, and that is why there has been a rise of teeth cavities, gum diseases, and general teeth problems among people all over the world. Dental health has been such a concern in recent years that it has come to a point where people link certain regions with a particular color of teeth, not knowing that their color can be changed if the right toothpaste is used. Teeth are an important component of the mouth; they are involved in breaking down food particles to allow for digestion, and hence if teeth diseases are able to thrive and the condition of teeth is put at risk, then the general health and immunity of an individual will be in danger. In order to address these teeth problems, individuals should use radioactive kinds of toothpaste. This research seeks to put across facts about radioactive toothpaste so as to counter all the myths concerning these toothpaste and bring up a society with healthy teeth and lifestyle.

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Radioactive toothpaste is an easy-to-manufacture product; it is made by mixing regular toothpaste with radioactive components. In most cases, it is a by-product of different industries. Therefore, the manufacture of toothpaste is an easy process. Radioactive toothpaste is made from such components as thorium. Thorium is extracted from monazite sand, and it emits alpha particles with time. Radioactive toothpaste can also be made by combining regular toothpaste with radium. Both of these materials, thorium, and radium, emit components that have been known to create unfavorable conditions for bacteria and other microscopic creatures in the mouth. In this way, teeth remain safe from the invasion of microorganisms. The design and manufacture of radioactive toothpaste is a process that requires high expertise. However, this toothpaste is manufactured as a by-product in various industries that work with radioactive elements as their components or as a raw material in production. The manufacturing technology of this toothpaste is based on careful mixing. During the manufacturing process, the major risk is associated with radioactive emissions that may be harmful to people who work in the industries. It is worth noting that the components of radioactive toothpaste are readily available; regular toothpaste can be bought from retailers, while radioactive elements, for example, radium and thorium, can be extracted from the sand. There is no process of manufacturing radioactive elements, they exist in nature. Taking the example of thorium as a radioactive component, it can be extracted from monazite sand. One of the areas where this sand is found in India. Monazite sand is known to contain a rare element and, therefore, it is ‘gold’ for many manufacturing industries. Producers extract rare elements, including thorium, and mix it with regular toothpaste to make radioactive toothpaste. As a result, design and manufacture of radioactive toothpaste is an uncomplicated process; it is manageable even by simple local industries. Therefore, radioactive kinds of toothpaste are not far out of reach for ordinary citizens in terms of design and manufacture. In addition to the easy manufacturing process, radioactive toothpaste offers more energy compared to any other type of toothpaste. Such components as thorium have been seriously considered in the manufacturing of radioactive toothpaste, though they are weak radiators and hence a good choice for production. Thorium, when exposed to air, tarnishes from silver to black, and this fact demonstrates how sensitive the metal is. An atom of thorium contains about ninety protons and ninety electrons, four of which are valence electrons. Thorium decays slowly through what is referred to as alpha decay and the process called thorium series to the form of radium-228. The radioactive process of the component produces alpha particles. It is important to remember that thorium is a radioactive element, and while it is in toothpaste, it releases radioactivity and emits x-rays, gamma or beta rays. These emissions are referred to as alpha particles and they contain high energy. As has been mentioned, when these radioactive components are exposed to air, they change in color. The act of tarnishing color shows how strong the particles are. When the component is in toothpaste, its radioactivity remains and produces these alpha particles that are characterized by high energy. The energy produced by these materials can sterilize microscopic creatures in the mouth. Contrary to how other kinds of toothpaste work, they try to remove harmful tiny components in the mouth, radioactive kinds of toothpaste kill them and create an environment where they cannot survive. One of the issues that those who are rejecting radioactive toothpaste tussle with is the safety of such toothpaste. A good number of people think that this product is not safe. However, as stated above, radioactive elements that are used in manufacturing radioactive kinds of toothpaste, thorium, and radium, are weak radioactive elements. Research has found out that a component such as thorium is not new to the human body. It has been proved that an average human being has a minimum of one hundred micrograms of thorium and, in addition to that, they consume at least three micrograms of the same component per day. The fact that this compound is present in the human body despite its radioactivity is a clear indication that it is not harmful. However, its safety correlates with the used amount. Additionally, a majority of thorium that comes into the body does not remain there as it is excreted. Researchers have proved that 99.98% of thorium does not remain in the body. The 0.02% that remains accumulates in the skeleton. Those intending to use radioactive toothpaste should know that it is safe, and its amount found in the body cannot cause any harm. In addition to the uncomplicated manufacturing process of radioactive toothpaste, it has two distinct advantages.

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One of the advantages of using radioactive toothpaste is that it provides more protection to the teeth. Wide ranges of health issues are facing people around the world today. Some have even opted for removing the natural teeth that they have in favor of artificial ones. One of the reasons that have necessitated this decision is poor general teeth health. Among the reasons that have caused poor teeth health are the kinds of toothpaste people use. Some products do not prevent gums from bleeding, then the teeth change color, and a lot of bacteria continue to thrive in cavities causing more danger every other day. With radioactive toothpaste, teeth protection will be guaranteed. Radioactivity increases the defense of both teeth and gums. Once a person has brushed their teeth with radioactive toothpaste, the radioactive element, say thorium, will slowly produce radioactivity to emit alpha elements. The element does so is exposure to the air, which is a favorable environment for radioactivity. Despite the fact that the process is a slow one, the anticipated protection is achieved at the end of the day. The radioactive component will produce x-rays, beta, and gamma rays. These elements have enough energy to kill any bacteria and microorganisms spreading germs in the teeth. The majority of people would think that the slow speed will delay the process, but this is not true. Only a small amount of elements are required to bring protection, and this is achievable in a few seconds. Therefore, when alpha elements are produced due to radioactivity, the cells in the teeth and near the teeth receive new life energy. This energy, in turn, kills any bacteria and hinders them from destroying the teeth. Researchers have used prophylaxis of gingival diseases as an example. The gingival disease can be prevented through the use of radioactive toothpaste so that the bacteria causing it will not thrive. Additionally, the healing process has been made possible due to the alpha elements that are emitted. Radioactive components are very strong. In the world, they have been known to cause damages and other kinds of destruction. One of the teeth problems that people are struggling with is a change of color. Some people live in highlands with a lot of rivers, and the water they consume is rich in certain chemical components as opposed to other lower places. Some people cultivate destructive habits that cause their teeth to tarnish in color. People who have the habit of chewing mira or smoke cigarettes end up with stained teeth after some time. Radioactive toothpaste is a remedy for these teeth problems. When the product releases alpha elements after an individual brush their teeth with it, the elements polish the dental enamel. Then, the consumer will have pure white and shiny teeth as opposed to the colored teeth they had. There is one more health benefit of this toothpaste, it not only makes the teeth shiny but also provides them with a protective layer that keeps damaging bacteria away. According to the research, radioactive toothpaste is widely used all over the world as a teeth cleaner. It has been recorded that dentists that whiten the teeth of their patients use this toothpaste. When the teeth are white and shiny, there will be no microorganisms that can invade and destroy the teeth and, therefore, they remain healthy for a long time. In addition to health benefits, radioactive toothpaste makes the teeth more beautiful. People view shiny white teeth as a standard and a symbol of cleanliness. The use of radioactive toothpaste has more health benefits than defects. Among other health benefits is the ability to clear and prevent occurrence of dental calculus. Dental calculus is a hardened dental plaque that is caused by precipitation of minerals from gingival clavicular fluid and saliva. Human mouths always house minerals and when people consume some components that are likely to have damaging effects. These components, as well as saliva, have minerals. When people take food, some minerals are left in the mouth, either stuck in between the teeth or in any existing cavities. When the minerals settle on the teeth, they form hardened plaque over time. The hardened plaque causes harm to the teeth as it creates space for decomposition and of the teeth and weakens them in such away. Dental calculus has been a problem for many people today, and it accounts for more than 50% of all the teeth problems according to research. It is this calculus that results in the formation of cavities. When a person uses radioactive toothpaste, they protect their teeth from the possible development of dental calculus. When the radioactive components in toothpaste produce radioactivity, they create a lot of energy that can prevent the formation of dental plaque. The alpha elements that are released keep the teeth safe from precipitation of minerals. Additionally, these alpha elements weaken already formed calculus and break it down. To attest this, dentists across the world use radioactive toothpaste to treat some of these teeth diseases. Radioactive toothpaste has been reported to be used by over 92% of the dentists in the world as the cure for calculus. Finally, toothpaste not only offers protection of the teeth but also creates a pleasant and refreshing taste that gives a person confidence to talk to other people. Radioactive toothpaste brings other benefits too.

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The other advantage of radioactive toothpaste is its safety. The effects of radioactivity are really dangerous and not anticipated. At hospitals, there are a lot of signs that keep people from trespassing or crisscrossing rooms with radioactive emitting machines. All these measures ensure that the devastating effects that come with radioactive rays are minimized. The information about how dangerous these rays make it hard to convince a person to use toothpaste that has radioactive components. People think that if exposure to radiation is dangerous, then the consumption of something that produces radiation is much more dangerous. However, this is not the case. The types of radioactive components that are used in manufacturing radioactive kinds of toothpaste are weak radioactive elements such as thorium. These elements are common in everyday life. Thorium is mentioned in this paper because it is a radioactive component that is widely used in the manufacture of radioactive kinds of toothpaste. Radioactive kinds of toothpaste are safe; they cause no adverse effects. The alpha elements that are produced when these radioactive components emit radioactivity cannot penetrate the human skin. It is for these reasons that research has proved that handling of thorium, for example, is safe. An additional factor is that thorium is not a new component in the body. People consume a very insignificant amount of it every day. When it is used in toothpaste, it will not be swallowed, it will be split with the rest of the dirt instead. The small amounts that will make it into the body cannot penetrate the body cells, these tiny particles will follow through the digestion tract and will be excreted in the end. Therefore, it has been proved that these alpha radiations that are emitted do not cause any damage, so radioactive toothpaste is safe. It releases a little radiation dose that cannot inflict harm. When it is used, thorium in radioactive toothpaste will emit 4-MeV alpha particles. Let’s assume a person brushes their teeth three times a day as it is recommended, and each time they spend at least two minutes doing the procedure. At the end of the day, a person will have spent a total of six minutes with radioactive toothpaste in their mouth. It is anticipated that radioactive toothpaste emits 0.01 micrograms of alpha elements in one minute. During a two-minute exercise, only 0.02 micrograms will be emitted and in a day only 0.12 micrograms. This is far much less compared to the number of radioactive components in the body. Human bodies have 100 micrograms of thorium, for example, and people get at least three micrograms each day. It is, therefore, clear that the amount absorbed through the use of radioactive kinds of toothpaste is a tiny percentage. This means that this kind of toothpaste is safe and cannot be linked to harmful radiation in the body. Chemicals that enter the body are soluble in water, and that makes them good for digestion and absorption into the bloodstream. Taking an example of food particles, they are mixed with saliva that helps to extract the nutrients from them and are later absorbed into the bloodstream. Radioactive toothpaste contains radioactive components that when get into the body cannot be absorbed. Right from the mouth, the radioactive components of toothpaste are poorly soluble in water, so they cannot get mixed up with saliva. It is for this reason that more than one researcher has addressed the matter, saying that most of the radioactive components that come into our bodies do not remain there. Scientists say that 99.98% of radioactive components are disposed of. The rest of the components that are left in the body do not get into the blood, but they remain in the skeleton, which needs a small number of radioactive components to remain strong. Therefore, the use of radioactive toothpaste is a safe activity. There are no known defects or threats to health. One of the fears is that radioactive components, thorium, and radium, which are mostly used, are likely to cause dermatitis. The concern is valid, but they can only cause the disease when a person is exposed to high levels of radiation, and the signs will be seen and felt after a long time, more than thirty years. Consequently, it is safe to use radioactive kinds of toothpaste.

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With all the advantages of radioactive toothpaste, the easy way of its manufacture and the natural components that are used in its mass-production, there still exist opposing views. The fact that radioactive components keep off any invading microorganisms and even kill most of them due to the high energy that they release, people have a conviction that this energy will have an impact on the teeth. Some have not begun using the toothpaste because they think they will end up protecting their teeth in the short run but damage them in the long run. Nevertheless, there has not been any research showing the real effects of radioactive components found in radioactive toothpaste on the dental enamel. With time, researches will be carried out and the truth will be known. Additionally, the radioactive components that are used in the manufacture of radioactive kinds of toothpaste are not readily available. For example, thorium is extracted from monazite sand that is found in India. Though it is only needed in small proportions, it is not easily available. The process of extracting it from the sand is also not easy; it costs some money. That is why, radioactive toothpaste is an expensive commodity. In spite of being advisable for use, the majority of people who appreciate its benefits still view it as a costly commodity. Due to its price, it has been only used by dentists. People, therefore, hold an opinion that it is a drug and not a commodity for use in day-to-day life.

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In conclusion, radioactive toothpaste is made of naturally occurring radioactive components such as thorium and mixing them with regular toothpaste. However, the process cannot be done manually and, therefore, radioactive toothpaste remains a by-product in different industries. The toothpaste produces alpha elements such as x-rays and gamma rays that provide energy to ensure the protection of the teeth and kill harmful microorganisms. The toothpaste is safe for use despite many people’s distrust. As a result, radioactive toothpaste is not dangerous for use, and it brings tooth protection, prevents tooth problems such as dental calculus, gingival diseases, and offers a shiny and white look. Radioactive toothpaste is an indispensable product for this generation, considering how many chemicals people consume.

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