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Political and Social Philosophy

Kenneth Minogues argument that ideology is a doctrine about the systematic basis of the world’s evils, particularly oppression, perfectly fits the radical feminism. The theory focuses on the oppression of women claiming “the roots of women’s oppression are biological.”. Historical and physical subjection by men and class oppression are other forms of oppression cited by the author. An inspirational message that sidelines the battle against capitalism and racism, and emphasizes on the fundamental struggle against sexism is addressed.

The belief of the author that women oppression is biological, a propensity for liberation requires a biological revolution. Technology is enhancing the liberation of women from child bearing and rearing inequalities. This explains the structural changes in the human world. A biological revolution is basic and will bring changes to the social, political and economic spheres of the human life. However, the sexual freedom of women and children will be faced with resistance from the masculine gender. Its essence lies in struggle, and the world is viewed as a battle field.

With technology, everything that happens is explicable in terms of the relevant structure and, therefore, “liberate women from child bearing and child-raising function.”. To curb logical mistakes and excesses, both sexes will be liberated from the necessity to work. The theoretical conscription of being male or female will be standardized since technology will snap the link between sex and reproduction. This will end the need for a biological family and sexual repression. There will be no defined role between male and female. The analysis of the facts above clearly shows that the subject rhymes well with the requirement of the approach.

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