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To the Academic Standing Committee

I am Liam S. of student’s registration/admission number (Insert admission number). I received a letter of dismissal from the university based on my academic progress. I write this letter hoping that my dismissal from the university will be reconsidered. I have just completed my second year at Suffolk University. All has not been well since my admission because of my susceptible medical condition. For the first two years at the university, I experienced a lot of problems that led to instability in my academics.

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At first, I could not determine what the problem was until I visited doctor Conor. Most of the time I was in school, I experienced uncertainty making my life hard to cope up with within the school premises. I had constant fears of being contaminated with germs fearing to contaminate the rest of the students in the university. As a result, I could spend most of my time double checking my surrounding to make sure that everything was okay. At some level, I could repeatedly wash my hands for fear of presumed germs on my hands. There was also a strong feeling in me that order and symmetry was paramount. I always needed everything and everybody around me to act in a particular manner. For instance, during meals in case a student did not line-up, I got irritated and confronted the person to do what I believed was right. This made my life difficult at the university to the extent that I dropped in my academics. I believe this was the main reason as to why the university decided to dismiss me from school. However, after visiting doctor Conor, I was informed that my problem was obsessive compulsive disorder. This disorder triggered behaviours that seemed abnormal and wasted a lot of my time for study.

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I have undergone treatment under the surveillance of doctor Conor, who is a psychiatrist. I have attached my medical report from the doctor as a proof for the condition I was going through. In addition, my psychiatrist established that I had dysthymic disorder. This made him take me through psychotherapy whereby I was frequently exposed to the sources of obsession. He then asked me to avoid compulsive behaviour in the presence of the causative agents. This worked well enough to reduce my anxiety, and I strongly believe that I am in good health to undertake my studies having left my obsessive compulsive behaviour behind. In addition, the doctor focused on my dreadful imaginations, as well as senses that I frequently exaggerated, and feelings of responsibility. Such feelings had made me have a rough time with my colleagues at the university. I would like to request the university to reconsider its decision of dismissing me so that I can continue my studies.

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I would also like to bring to your attention that during my psychotherapy, I undertook extra classes to ensure that I did not distance myself from school. I believed that in case I am readmitted at the university, I would be required to settle fast enough and pick up the pace of academics in the school. At the moment, I have a sense of direction since the doctor was helpful in identifying my main problem and showed me how to get rid of recurring incidences. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best regards,

Liam S.

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