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A Personal Marketing Plan is a plan that reflects my interests and career choices in order to promote me as a brand. The personal marketing plan helps to bring focus and direction to my job search. The plan allows me to spend my time getting closer to the personal goals that I have set. A personal marketing plan enables me to harness and manage change in my career orientations. Ideally, the personal marketing plan should enable me to market myself to the targeted employer by offering unique selling propositions and competitive advantages. It also helps an individual to market himself at the right price, skills experience, and education.

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Situation Analysis

Significant life events

My upbringing has inspired me to study and work hard to change the socio-economic conditions of the people around me. With time, I have realized that education is important in order to be successful in life. I also realized that education plays a significant role in enhancing work and work ethics. Becoming a father has additionally inspired and changed my life. I have learned how to take up responsibilities. I have also learned to be more cautious in my actions. I have learned that choices have consequences. Through hard work, I have learned to take up financial responsibilities for my family. I work hard to support my child and my mother.


One of the major achievements during my college period was making it to the Dean’s list of honor. The Dean’s list is a list of the students who are doing well academically and in the extra-curriculum activities. My hard work in class and the basketball support team were outstanding making it possible for me to make it to the Dean’s list of the best students in college. The other achievement I have had was raising money for my community college through entrepreneurial ventures. I was able to work and came up with various entrepreneurial activities that helped us to raise money for the college. I was involved in outreach programs where I have acquired hands-on experience in problem-solving in my local home area. I could identify some market opportunities that existed within my community. I have thus come up with various business plans taking into considerations opportunities in my local area.


One of the disappointments that I have had so far is promotion failure at Alorica because I lacked the required education. The need for education has inspired me to further my studies at Fort Hays States University. I have come to realize that education is more important that only working. With proper academic knowledge, one can be efficient and productive in his/her businesses. The other disappointment I have had was being cut from the basketball team because I did not play very well. At the time, I was unable to exercise well, and thus my performance decreased. The disappointments of my life are an inspiration for me to work harder in whatever I do. It is only through the dedication and hard work that one can succeed in life.

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Interest Inventory

I have a deep interest in problem-solving. I enjoy providing solutions to business problems. I have experience in solving problems in the past while helping in the running of my family and friends’ businesses. In the application of appropriate knowledge and technology, I believe challenges in socio-economic sectors can be solved. I find interest in developing innovative ideas that help us solve our daily problems. Planning and organization are the keys to success for any activity. Through planning, one can manage his/her time. In addition to this, the organization compliments the planning activities and thus increases productivity. I value the organization in my work. I also like to plan things ahead. I take pride in leading my peers to be able to accomplish their tasks. Taking a leading role interests me as this has enabled me to shine among my peers. I also enjoy providing service to people as I find it fulfilling. Innovation also forms one of my greatest interests. It is through innovation that we can reach great heights. On the other hand, I find minimal interest in writing. I also have minimal interest in artistic activities. I tend to shy away from exploring activities, as I am not an out-going person.


I have excellent skills in business planning and management, which I have acquired from my previous involvement in such tasks. I can learn new things quickly. This element enhanced my learning in the school-work. Through learning, I have acquired diversified academic knowledge in business, finance, accounting, and management. My expanded academic knowledge and passion have also enabled to be a good problem solver in different socio-economic backgrounds. My experience in running businesses has also enabled me to be an independent worker and thinker. I have learned to network with people in my field of specialization for a greater common course. I also have great communication skills and debating skills, which help me put my point across in a discussion forum.


The fact that I have not finished my studies could be a limitation to what I can accomplish in my projects. In my effort to change situations, I cannot always assume positive intent from people, as this has proven negative in my undertakings. With a world where people have different views and freedom of expression, I have to work on my mediation skills as conflicts are always arising. I have difficulties in focusing when I am confronted by family issues.


Many of the problems that business owners suffer from are the lack of qualified management of their assets. Having a bachelor’s degree in accounting will be beneficial as there are many firms in need of account graduates in the country. Organizations are on the look-out for graduates who are well trained and who have portrayed outstanding performance in their studies. Students with diverse educational backgrounds are also in high demand among employers. The need for accountants by organizations, whether non-profit organizations or public organizations is insatiable. Such organizations are also willing to offer free further training to students with accounting backgrounds. Through such organizations, I can be able to further my education in the future.


The cost of hiring new labor has been increasing with time. Firms have in the past wasted a lot of time and resources trying to get qualified, experienced and skilled labor force. For this reason, firms opt to retain and train the employees they currently have, hence reduce employment rates for new graduates. With increased firm retention programs for their employees, the opportunities for the graduates are gradually decreasing. The rate of unemployment among the youths is high. Entry jobs in non-profit organizations are becoming quite competitive. The economic conditions and requirements are also becoming harder for people who want to start their businesses. According to research, many small start-up businesses are failing at their initial stage. The profit margins for small businesses is low hence frustrating to their owners.

Summary of SWOT Analysis

My prior experience in running businesses has enabled me to gain experience in business management. However, I need to finish my studies so that I can make my skills relevant in the job market. Through education, I will also be able to acquire the necessary skills required to run my business. There are many opportunities in the non-profit and public organizations where a person with an accounting major can work. Reduced rate of unemployment, especially for entry job could be one of my greatest challenges. The harsh economic situations also pose a threat to business start-ups.


I have an educational background in business and a specific interest in financial accounting. I would thus like to work as an account manager in the future. The ideal industry for me to work in would be in a highly ranked accounting firm in America. I would specifically want to work for PwC as an account manager in their New York Branch. As an account manager, I would be responsible for preparing annual budgets for the organization, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances, consolidation, and evaluation of financial data. I would also be responsible for preparing special financial reports for the organization. For this position, I would expect to earn at least an annual mean wage of $161,690. As an account manager, I would like to be the best in preparing the annual budgets for the organization.

Target Market

I would like to join accounting firms, business enterprises, and private organizations. All these organizations require the services of accountants and pay their employees well. Some of the firms, I would like to work for including PwC, Deloitte and Ernst & Young in New York City. These top Accounting firms provide ultimate opportunities for account managers.

Some of the entry jobs in this field that I would prefer to include accounting clerks, accountants, and Certified Public Accountants. I would find interest to work as an accountant for the entry-level job. Employers for this position would require someone with excellent accounting skills. The position requires that one should have a degree in Accounting from a four-year college. They would also like a problem solver and a strategic critical thinker. Employers would also be looking for a good communicator of financial information.

Positioning Statement

I am Dwight Hill applying for the position of an account manager. I have strong business management skills, diversified academic knowledge in business and good communication skills. I am also an independent thinker and a great problem solver. These traits are important for account management, as the task requires well-educated people with knowledge in business management. Good and diverse academic knowledge is important as it helps one to be an all-around person. The account managers are also expected to be able to solve complex financial situations that exist in the accounting field. They should also be able to communicate financial information effectively in a way that the management and other stakeholders can understand easily.

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Marketing Mix


I will need to finish my graduate training in business so that I can be ready to work in an accounting organization. With appropriate training, I will be in a position to carry out tasks assigned to me. I will need to improve my writing skills so that I can be able to draft good financial reports for the organization. I will do this by exercising writing financial documents in my academic work. I will also exercise by writing financial reports of the company I work in at the moment. I will also need to practice my accounting skills in businesses that I work in currently. I will engage myself in the financial management of the company so that I can gain more experience.


I will use the network to gather information about my target employer. I will source the information about the hiring manager from the organization’s website. I will use media channels such as Linkedin to learn about the hiring manager. I will explore the organization’s websites to learn about the specifications for the research assistant job. Upon completion of my graduate training, I will gather enough information necessary required for this job and then contact the hiring manager.


I will be working in New York in my entry-level job. The average annual salary for this position is approximately $62,480. This amount will be enough for me and, therefore, I will use my spare time in my personal business after the first year of working. I will save up during this time so that I can get enough money to start my own business.


I will use my resume to present academic and professional authorizations to my employer. The resume will also encompass my bio-data statistics and a little description of my interests. The cover letter will appeal to the employer my interest in the job and why the organization should hire me. It will emphasize on my specific skills that I have that would be necessary for the job. I will deploy the approach letter to plan selection with the hiring manager where I will make available the information about my skills and interests in the job. After this meeting, I will write a thank-you note to the hiring manager appreciating his effort to spare some time for me.

Action Plan

  1.  Search for the information about the firm I am interested in [insert the final semester period]. During this time, I will gather the relevant information about the firms I am interested to work for. Such information will include their main activities, their physical location, addresses, contact people, and the type of entry-level jobs they have. I will also gather information regarding the salaries for the entry-level jobs as well as the job requirements.
  2.  Finish my bachelor’s degree by [insert specific time]. I plan to finish my graduate training within four years of college. To do so, I will ensure that I take all the necessary classes and examinations in the stipulated time. I will also do my research projects on time and present them for grading so that I can graduate on time.
  3.  Set the informational meeting with the hiring manager and arrange for an interview if possible [insert the first month after graduating]. During this time, I will organize the appropriate questions to ask during the meeting.
  4.  Start the entry job.
  5.  Start my business. After one year of working, I will save enough money to help start up my own small business.
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