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The modern world is filled with advertisements which carry a specific message to the viewers. The companies are trying to come up with smart and witty ways of attracting viewers and potential customers. Often, there is a lot of competition, so the most original and believable advertisement will win. One of such examples is the advertisement made my Macintosh with as usually funny content. It is compared to an “older” version of a computer, a PC. The message made by Mac might seem one-sided and in its favor but in reality, it very much depends on the viewers and their perspective.

Over the years, there have been many advertisements titled Mac vs. PC which point to the fact that Macintosh is a much better computer. The content is centered on its numerous abilities, the connection to the modern times and the most popular trends. First of all, the computers are played by two people who introduce themselves as Mac and PC. Mac is usually a younger looking person who is dressed more as a teenager or a young adult. The fashion is selected to be non-formal, and this automatically makes the viewers think that it is better for the younger population. The PC is represented by a person with glasses and wearing a formal suit or other attire. This directly relates to the fact that it is more reserved and old fashioned. The most obvious message is very clear, but there are several levels that can be understood from different sides.

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The most negative thing that can be clearly seen in the advertisement is that older people are not as “cool” as the younger population. They might be seen as behind times or much slower in their work or processing abilities. For some people, this might seem rude and offensive because this is not necessarily true. Even if it so, making such a differentiation and focusing attention on it is unethical and should not be done by the younger population. This is how stereotypes are made because older people are led to believe that they are not that good and cannot be thought of as a part of the modern world. For younger people, they are given an impression that they are the most advanced “creatures” on earth, and all those who are over a certain age which is mostly shown on TV are the better ones. This is absolutely wrong and separates society into two. Not to mention that there is an ad that shows the person representing PC in a wheelchair with broken arms and legs. This is exactly how the stereotypes are chosen as they lead people in the wrong direction.

But even on a deeper level, Mac might be reinforcing views which it did not intend to transfer over. The advertisement displays a point which can target two different types of people. Some people prefer to have all gadgets in one. There is no denying that few individuals have very busy lifestyles, so they must take a computer/calculating machine with them everywhere. It is easier to have a full keyboard and a large screen where many operations can be done simultaneously. People who use Excel programs for accounting, those who work with music, videos or pictures might choose Mac. But comparing to the modern world, Mac has become outdated as iPads are starting to replace everything. People watching advertisements will also point to the fact that there is a place and time for everything that must be done with proper care and attention. For example, someone who is taking the bus and uses their Mac to do homework or work related duties might feel distracted by people. First of all, there is a need to find a seat in a bus or subway which might be crowded. Then, constant stops and the desire not to miss one’s own stop will distract the person from fully focusing on the work. So, people who will choose Mac must have a certain lifestyle.

All those who do not have certain conditions to use Mac will not choose it, and it seems that there are more people like that. The modern world is becoming faster and faster, so everything is done on the go. Traffic jams or speeding highways, crowded buses, trains and streetcars or even “public” planes, will not have enough space for a person to use their Mac “on the go”. On the other hand, a person who will choose a PC is probably more careful with the selection of their activities. A PC has much larger memory, graphic cards and screens, which can now be connected to some of the biggest screens the world has ever seen. As a result, this would require a lot of power, ventilation, cooling systems and space. It is easier and more productive to build a personal computer which will take up a desk, make a working cabinet, but have a movie theatre experience while watching movies, playing games or performing other activities. By having a personal computer at home, a person is completely focused on their work because they can be alone. Also, they can enjoy their experience and really join the cyber world, playing virtual games with 3D glasses, giant stereo systems and popcorn.

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It seems that people who select PCs really know what they want from life and how to go about it, but the ad does not notice that. When they want to go to a store and listen to some music on the way, they will take a very small iPod or any other player and keep it in their pocket. The can ride a bus, walk or even listen to it in a traffic jam. Even with modern iPads, PC might be better because talking to relatives over Skype using Mac with a small screen. Those who choose a Mac, have no time to stop and really connect with their distant relatives, from their home. Of course, it is possible to connect Mac to a bigger TV screen and use it at home, but now it becomes an extra and unneeded gadget. It is much better to have a power unit, a connection to the Internet and one big screen at home because it is much more comfortable for the user. For those people who can really analyze their life and its benefits, PC is still the choice. These people will not even be “touched” by the advertisement. There are many people among the young population who will never buy a Mac or a PC, but being traditional is better for the person. This is the problem with the modern world as people are forcing themselves to race somewhere and the ad clearly shows this. This was not its original intention, though it is difficult to arrive at a final decision.

In conclusion, even though the advertisement might have a clear message to some people, it has a complete opposite effect on the others. A large portion of the population will select quality over quantity because they do not need expensive cars, high position jobs or thousands of people on social networks. It is clear that everything depends on the person’s views, attitudes and values.